TC, I know you said you wouldn't, but

How about no because it’s just stupid. Don’t need anything else. It’s dumb. Move on.


It’d be a lot easier to take your opinion seriously if your profile pic wasn’t Cars :tm: Ahegao. :grimacing:

Be easier to take yours if it wasn’t stupid :wink:


This game is far too late in its lifespan to even implement such a thing, besides I rather get a separate fleshed out PvE mode with Swarm/Locust in mind then some half ■■■■■ re-skinned Horde.

Curious idea… indirectly. Because i understand your point of view.
But when you see the confusion in horde, when Jack are pirating locust… Players open fire again him…
It seems a false “good idea”.

If lot of players was on game, an option to choose COG or Locust side in coop vs ai would be possible.
But now, it’s utopic.

Seems like a bit of a contradiction here. “This game is far too late in its lifespan to even implement such a… half ■■■■■ re-skinned Horde” but not too late for a whole new fleshed out PvE mode?

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I never implied that, I’m well aware that Gears 5 is on its way out for anything substantial as a new game mode. Asking/hoping for stuff like that now is silly my man.

Besides its more plausible to get a new PvE mode in the next installment, considering the devs will have way more time to design something along the lines of what the OP is wishing for.

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tbh I’d settle if it was a private lobby option. Considering I can already play as or with wrestlers, But as well as dead characters that died in the campaign I don’t see it truly being a huge negative. People can slaughter out waves as whatever character they want.

But to each their own

Edit: Cant forget the Terminators an halo characters

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Hacker and potentially a cheater

You would need to add callouts for everything such as marking enemies to capturing taps. For certain characters (Locust Bosses) I just don’t see happening this late in development. It would also cause confusion and I can imagine griefing going on.

TC should make a fleshed out PvE mode with Locust and Swarm in Gears 6. I rather it be a entirely new mode rather than Beast mode 2.0.


@AshenNightmareV Nah, the DeeBee already doesn’t have specific call outs for ANY enemy, it just says “Target marked” or “Non-compliant Spotted” etc.

With this being the case, call outs clearly aren’t all that important, or important at all for that matter.

But what about the secondary effect on that?

Say there is a Locust on my team, and I’m facing Locust as my enemy. The Locust says “Seen!”, ok, well what’s that for? Has the enemy Locust seen me? Has my teammate marked someone? Now that process is longer. There is numerous scenarios like that, that can happen.

And what if there actually is a Locust enemy next to me, and I’m unaware? Now I’m dead.

I’ve been playing Gears for 12 and a half years. If I hear a Locust voiceline right next to me in Horde, my mind is going to presume there is an enemy right next to me, and I’m going to react to that. Now my mind has to go through more steps to get to the same outcome.

Sound is very important, because even if you have the max FOV, there is still 260 degrees of view you cannot see.

Yes, it may be easy for you to see the difference in enemies, but what about everyone else? I still have people in Incon and Master lobbies shoot my Hijacked enemies as Jack. Goodness me, I can’t imagine what would happen with Locust on the same team in Horde.

And a moment for accessibility here because I know no one here will say it, and you have clearly not thought this, but what about blind people who may play the game? They can’t see the difference, they can only hear. Now suddenly you have Swarm and Locust as your teammates and enemies. DeeBee characters have few voicelines likely because of this (and I believe their voice is different to the enemy DeeBees as well). Now the game is much more confusing, and now there is a chance they won’t play these modes because of this.


When an ally marks a foe, their mark appears above that foe, and the game makes a little ding sound.
As such, you’ll know when an enemy has seen you, as opposed to when an ally marks a high priority target.

As for your points about DeeBees, this is no longer the case.
The PvP DeeBees and the PvE DeeBees had different lines, but in the update where TC made the friendly DeeBees playable in PvE, they updated the npc DeeBees voice lines to be the same as the player controlled ones.
I have no idea why they did that, but they did.

So, friendly Locust/Swarm on the CoG team in PvE would cause little to no increase in overall difficulty.

Also, unless you’re one of the aforementioned blind, you should never rely solely on sound to interpret your environment, this is how you develop tunnel vision, and any enemy that simply walks up to you quietly will crush you.

Minimally and with little consequence. There are already DB skins, DR-1 summons, and literally anything Jack hijacks.

Not to mention ingame indicators for players, particularly in Tac mode, as well as weapon colors and skins.

‘Confusing’ is about the weakest excuse I can come up with for not adding this capability. On lower difficulties your confusion would be irrelevant. On higher difficulties players are (hopefully) aware enough to not be befuddled by a character skin.


This is a good point for both the Heroic skins and more vibrant/unique skins. Not only would they stand out to better differentiate from friend and foe, but it is a shame to not be able to utilize them in PvE - especially if you exclusively play that mode.


^This guy gets it.

I’m honestly surprised that anyone still opposes me on this, when I’m exclusively arguing in favor of player choice, of giving the customer more ways to enjoy the product that they already paid for, with how vehement some of my detractors are, you’d think I was suggesting TC make Gears of War a subscription based service like WoW or some such.

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You know what dude I completely forgot about that
Screw it!
It would’ve been cool
But they already said no :frowning:

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Well, technically TC told me they simply had “no plans” to add such a feature at “this point in time”, but it’s entirely possible they could change their minds at some later date.

And let’s not forget that the Locust will ALWAYS refer to their enemies as human. So you hear something like “Ground walkers!” and now you gotta pay extra attention to see if there’s a mark.

Then there’s the footsteps. You mentioned that you can’t see behind you. Now imagine you hear Locust/Swarm breathing right behind you. Not fun.

I can loosen my sense of immersion. I can buy dead characters coming back. I can buy even zombie characters since they’re still the same characters at the end of the day (zombie skins still suck though). I’ll buy that DeeBees can fight alongside us, since enemy DeeBees may still be programmed to kill enemies of the state. Hell, I’d rather see enemy DeeBees gone in favor of added monsters to kill, or maybe kill anyone who doesn’t have the same programming as them. One thing I will not buy is having monsters with minds of their own, with their mission to slaughter the humans, with voice lines to match, to end up simultaneously fighting alongside us.

I remember this guy made the reasoning that Locust are different enemies from the Swarm, so they can’t be mixed up. But now that Locust show up as enemies, it suddenly doesn’t matter.