TC how does the ranking system work. Please explain it because it's ridiculous

So either the game has code inside to troll people who speak against you on the forums (people like me) or the ranking system is just ludicrous.

I started the day at Gold 2 (which I’ve been perpetually stuck on for a month now) 36.42% give or take a percent. I played with some friends. I was top of our team in one game, top 3 for the rest, we lost though.

I then played a game on my own, we lost but I was MVP and very positive with my k/d. All of these games featured mainly onyx players on the opposition, with 80>90% of my team being golds (generally gold 2).

Then I played another game with my friends. I was top 3 again (iirc) with a positive k/d. It was against onyx players with one gold and we won this game. Our team was onyx with 2 gold, but two of the onyx players played like silvers.

Each and every loss (despite being against higher ranks with our team being far weaker rank for rank) I went down percentages. The wins and MVP/high k/d did NOTHING at all. I didn’t move a damn millimeter upward.

Here’s the kicker. My two friends who I did better than in most of the games BOTH moved up a lot. Like seriously. WTF??

I’m now sitting on like 29% and just fuming.

The game is literally just trolling me now. I’m destroying Onyx players but the game still thinks I’m a gold 2 and literally NOTHING i do moves me up. I’m not a diamond player and never will be, but my level should be Onyx, but the game refuses to move me past 36% on Gold 2.

So @the-coalition can you please explain what I need to do to move up in percentage? Do I have to cure world hunger? Do I have to heal the sick?

Seriously. Please explain how someone moves up, it’s ridiculous.

I just want to know why I’m so special and have my rank refuse to budge. I want to know what I need to do to move up, then I want to test it to see if it’s real.


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