Tc how are we suppose to get maps we want

You said you Learned from the maps in gears 4 and the mistakes you made. And the first big update 3 months after release and you give us one new map and yet again lift and remake of gears 4 map??? I don’t count the 3 separate maps for ffa cause they are just for that playlist and they look like they are made from escape tiles. So how is this learning? Don’t get me wrong the update looks good and some good content for sure but this is your first update to show you learned from past mistakes and you show us teciniqally 1 new map and 1 gears 4 remake. So now we have to wait another 3 months for what another 2 maps and ones a remake again? How are we ever suppose to get new war torn maps and maps like mansion, jacinto, ruins. How If you drip feeding maps like this. 3 months is a long time and 2 maps and one of witch is a remake doesn’t cut it I’m sorry.


I’m just trying to figure out where they collect this data from on what re-skin maps we actually want? Just like gears 4 when they released re-skin maps they brought back maps no one really cared about. And what was more pathetic was the fact that they re-skined launched maps and just made them night/day time. Like wtf was that? If I wanted to play at night time all I have to do is adjust my brightness setting on the game.

And here we go again. Releasing maps that’s no one gives a ■■■■ about. Why not give us what we actually want? Like I mean do you guys actually read your own feedback? We want jacinto, river, sandbar etc. It makes me wonder if they have bots working in head office of the coalition because just like the bots in the game, they can never do anything right.


They prob are full of George bots,

They have there real team, (Jack Bots) on vacation. :smile:

Anything that requires a little work is beyond them…dont worry you’ll have all the gears 4 maps on 5 soon enough😏


Remaking lift for the third time is mildly infuriating.

Of all the maps that could have brought over from gears 4… Why oh why did they choose lift. I don’t know one person who liked it in my friend circle.

If it had to be a map from gears 4… Why not either:

  • fuel depot
  • raven down
  • gridlock
  • war machine
  • old town
  • checkout
  • avalanche
  • old town
  • diner
  • blood drive

Literally any of those would have been great, and a nice gesture to fans who have stuck with this broken game.

Instead we get slapped in the face with lift. Smh :roll_eyes:


Checkout, Yes. My Fav Map from 3.

I love the Horde part when doing the Call thing that summons the COG that shoots Boomshots from the roof.

Now there was some creative stuff right there.


I honestly think the bots in this game are represented by the coalition. Either that or they designed them to act how they do. I better not give they any ideas because they will probably release a bot skin for the store and try to make money off of it.


Haven’t they already done that? lol

No surprise really ghoul…if its got to be old maps…at least be ones we havnt had…strange how it seems like 7 at launch and 1 new in 6 months is ok🙄…like we should be grateful.


Great map😎

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Insane on there with no silverback…a quality challenge with no jd to hold your hand🙄


So true. Although, Lizzie is coming with the Silverback so maybe if they add it, it could bring back old times.

Curious if we will have people try and steal the Silverback once Lizzie summons it.

OMG, I can already see the Posts coming.

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Only for ultimate i think?..but yeah the days of stealing the silverback…could be quite funny🤣

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I think that’s why it spawned right in front of her in the video, for that very reason

Lift and harbor are awful nobody i play with likes either

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Yea, but I can still see it happening.

Like lets say you summon it right. But then a Boomshot Scion shoots right at ya so you Doge back out of the way. Then some dude runs and ganks your Silverback.

Even worse if the Swarm can also end up grabbing it. Well its going to be interesting that’s for sure.

Going by vague memory, but wasn’t lift supposed to be an “e-sports” map?

Map is awful, I’d pick gears 1 bullet marsh over it anyday.


I doubt TC would have the ingenuity to add that ability… But if they did, I’d take my hat off to them.

That would be really cool

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They definitely dropped the ball with new Versus maps. Smh.