TC - How about a public Horde match with devs? Why only versus?

Like last night, where you played public versus with the community.

Why no love for Horde? It’d be great to see you participate in a 1-25 run of insane Horde mania.

Thoughts @TC_Vectes @TC_Octus @forum-mods ?



You get my vote. Maybe Horde or even 2.0, not necessary just 3.0 ?

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2 weeks ago on community night @anon86589457 played horde for over 2 hours on community nights. You should check that out next time @EVIL_0NE does one!

Really? Darn, I missed that :confused:

Well Versus allows people to get in and play with the Devs. Horde wouldn’t really work unless you kicked people after five waves or something

Check this out for future events

Community Night Thread

I’m on playing Horde on the weekends, always happy for people to join. I’m no Dev but happy for some games :grinning:

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Community nights will have devs stopping by from time to time just watch the thread and see when they are ,it’s twice a month and us at the GFC have some pretty neat stuff planned for every one