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TC High Mass RESET? What's happening now?


(iRespect L8) #1

What happened, disappeared more than 800,000 CR, followed by 205,000 fragments of my account exactly now! TC, what’s happening?

(eviljas247) #2

Just checked my credits… All gone n get the 0x00000d1c error code. Could be server issue.

(Belkain) #3

It is clearly a server problem, I’m getting error codes while browsing the store and customization and I can’t craft any kind of cards, my credits and scrap show 0 but after a while they appear normal.

Also several reports of people unable to play horde.

Edit: stats and card companion are down and I also cannot change my emblem or weapon skin, clearly its on TC’s end so we can only hope they fix it soon.

(iRespect L8) #4

Really, that’s a beautiful reason to prolong this XP 6 times for another or two weeks end, don’t you agree?

(Belkain) #5

Even if they do it this is going to happen again, it always does with the XP events.

Unless they fix the net code or upgrade the servers, very little will change.

(EVIL 0NE) #6

I have reported this up to TC and your credits and XP will be on the back end once the server issue has been resolved.

Please use the official thread to keep TC informed the issue is happening again.

Thank you, and I will be closing to keep it on the official thread.

(EVIL 0NE) closed #7