TC // Have they said anything about removing that distracting glow in FFA?

Title says it all.

I really hate that glow. I just want to see my character in his full glory. Detail and all.

It is very annoying right?

What’s was more annoying for me was, me and some friends decided to play hide and seek tag in customs with trust rules, but found out after the seeker was killing the ones hiding he’d gain a glow and it didn’t work with our initial idea to rotate after the seeker had found everyone…minor ofc but still annoying as this feature wasn’t in FFA before…

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exactly. makes no sense on why they add’d it either.
Aside from having a immulsion theme… But I don’t care about that. That’s what the characters are for.

Makes no sense… Because its FFA! Your job is to be top dawg. Well no one ever seeks out the top dawg or even spots him. The flame around your guy when you’re in first not only looks cool but puts a bounty on your head in a way. Make people run n gun for you! Deal with it… Rock n Roll!

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