TC have officially lost their minds

An M rated game, but they’re putting in blood sprays that will only appeal to children. 7 dollars for a bloodspray. Is that what they believe appeals to the majority of the player base?

What a huge disappointment this game is.


It seems like a competitive Blood Spray to me. You know gamers call each other “noob”, right?


A competitive blood spray… Dude… Are you serious right now? A mark on the floor no one pays attention to… Is a competitive blood spray? n00b? You’re saying this belongs in the game. For 7 dollars? I hope you’re not serious. I’m speechless


Nah, I was messing with you.


The idea of blood sprays in general is idiotic. I remember cycling through them and thinking that it just looked dumb. Anyone who actually pays for them, I’m judging you lol


Thank you for taking my reddit post /s

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Sorry I tried to make it visible to forum posters and spread it around. But thank you and I’m sorry

Lol its all good I’m more concerned about TC getting the message that these store prices are not acceptable


The Idea of Bloodsprays himself is Ridiculous. I was a Fan because of Gore in Gears 5. We have now less Gore and Stupid “Bloodsprays”. The Developers are Joke to me. Now they put something like that. Sorry that’s disappointing in every way.


i haven’t even bothered with the banners, bloodsprays and expressions in this game.

In my opinion, all of these are just ridiculous. It’s so watered down and dumb to see the silly expressions in what once was a serious game. Is it that big of a deal? No, but I think it is an eye sore.

They could’ve had better voice expressions and definitely other stuff than stupid dances…


If this was spelt slightly different, it would have gone great with my gamer tag.

It wouldn’t have mattered either way though. I wouldn’t pay $7 for this in a million years.

I’m not a fan of bloodsprays or marks for the record. It’s just filler content.


Is it really that big of a deal?

The whole idea of custom blood sprays is a joke. Whoever came up with the idea must have suffered a severe head injury…and deserves another.


Also the ones who approved that.
One thing it’s the idea, but I can’t understand how this whole joke make it through the final product.

Seriously, and I will never get tired of saying this
I always imagine people of the creative department in reunions talking about how to make GEars 5

-“Hey, let’s implement a NooB, Forza and sea of thives blood Sprays because sounds great”
-“Also put a poop emoji as target mark”

-(Everyone in the room) *Stand up and clap wildly.


Wow… what the hell is happening to gears?

God, i miss gears 2 and 3


Lol, $7 for a blood spray… $5 for a bunch of matt black rifle skins… doesn’t make sense


Lol i don’t even know what to say at this point man. It’s not even $7, it’s more. $6.49 for 500 iron, so this is basically around $8.50… for a bloodspray :smiley:

They need to fix problems not add more unnecessary ones.


I’m sure the coalitions partner, micro$oft are the ones mostly in charge of these micro stran$actions.

I concur, they are making this game for children. Aim assists, dampening down the gore, all dead civies in campaign are mysteriously in 1 piece with no visible wounds, making the lancer OP.

At least the maps etc are free. If they want to charge stupid amounts for silly weapon skins and blood sprays, let em. Let the idiots with more money than sense buy that stuff, it pays for the new maps and characters.


I put blood sprays on the level of t-bagging. Oh, and those stupid time extending taunts they put in Gears. I mean, it is one thing to have a curb stomp or something. But to stand there for 15 seconds just wasting time repeatedly pressing the button so your character punches a player repeatedly who is actually already dead and the round is over. They have to cater to the “children” though.