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TC has ruined my love for the greatest game ever made!

This is my personal experience. Im not trying to tell others how to feel about the game.
Been here since E-DAY 2006. Absolutely love the world gears has built. Spent countless very late nights grinding every game gears has thrown at me and had a blast. Up until now. I hate to say it but im done with it now. Hell, im even having more fun on Fortnite! (:neutral_face:Sorry)
Gears 5 campaign was a good play through but it’s never the reason we really buy it. We do it for multiplayer.
I feel that gears 5 multiplayer is a complete joke! Where do I start? How about aim adhesion :joy::joy::joy: enemies 200+ ping, gnashers all time crappiest inconsistency, high ping players are invincible, matchmaking and ranking is broken.
The game has been out 4 months, it’s one of Microsofts flagship titles yet nobody is playing. People are actually playing American truck driver and plants Vs zombies more at the minute. Fact.
Im so so sick and tired of putting 2 into someone’s back for them to turn round and body me in 1. I do 80 percent.
I’ve always been high onyx / lower diamond level player yet I cant get out of bronze 3 in gears 5. There’s no way on this earth that im up against other bronze players as they are hitting perfect reaction shots and movement others can only dream of!
Gears is in the wrong hands at black tusk / TC. Give the game back to EPIC, they know how to make a multiplayer game. Their game of the moment Fortnite is top of the most played games on every console! Where’s gears 5? Somewhere around 30th sandwiched between 2 other crap games.
TC have destroyed gears for me. My whole team I used to play with have quit gears a month ago. This is guys I met online 13 years ago when the greatest game ever was released. Guys who also shared the love for gears as much as me.
I keep going back to it hoping that something is fixed, something has got better. But no. It’s always getting worse. How can I enjoy a game where you don’t actually have to hit people to kill them? When you have a crappy connection your invincible? When you’ve no idea if your gun is gonna do what it’s supposed to?
This is NOT GEARS! this is a money making racket.


Lol yeah its really bad 100% agree. I know people are saying TC improved it. I thought it played better during the tech test. I am not sure what happened here but its more about whether your shot is going to register than skill right now.


We needed a gears game with Gears 1 soundtrack and gore, gears 2 style campaign, gears 3 horde and multi-player…

Gears 5 is just a huge let down…


TC have had the absolute privilege of being given the keys to gears when Microsoft bought it out. They have had the world, characters and lore already there to work with. Between Microsoft and TC they can’t get a 5vs5 multiplayer game together. Battlefield happily trots along with 64 players on a massive map easily. Fornite 100 players. Not to mentin apex or pubg.
Whoever came up with centre screen aiming rather than the gun muzzle and adding this complete nonsense of aim adhesion needs sacked.
Im actually sick listening to myself being so negative about gears but that’s what it’s come to.
TC have had their run. Gears needs the love it deserves. Especially if 6 is gonna be on the Xbox series X. Or is 6 gonna be all fur coat and no knickers just like 5?


Its centre screen aiming? Could explain a lot lol.


Still better then 4 imo

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4 Def had a lot to explain! It’s not a coincidence that both 4 and 5 are bad and in the hands of TC.


I’d prefer to blame MS for making TC revive the Gears franchise even though the story had a satisfying conclusion at the end of Gears 3.


Gears has not had center screen aiming/shot mechanics since Gears 1/UE…

I think it feels like Centre Aim because half the shots dont register properly. I really think there is an issue with lag compensation. Maybe it cant keep up with the movement speed increases.


Both are Def to blame in their own way for sure. TC track record Isnt good. Why give them such a massive game?
I’d showed a guy last week countless videos of me getting wrecked on gears. The gnasher clearly pointing 2 or 3 feet away from my body but pellet marks centre screen. Was told then it was centre screen aiming. Made sense to me.

You mean like this?

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I really think its a lag compensation issue.

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Lag compensation and TC’s crappy netcode, I know the media faces are on “vacation” but it’s not like all the staff or coding teams would be gone. Someone should be working on improving the game, but I guess that might be asking a lot outside of title updates.

TC was created by Microsoft specifically to make more Gears games, they weren’t handed the franchise they were created for it.

That would be TC’s shoddy netcode and lag compensation, what you see on your screen is not the same as what is on the opposing players screen.


Aren’t TC previously black tusk? Or at least the core of black that renamed?

I like 5 more overall but 4s rank system was way better no dought.

I believe they started as “Microsoft Game Studios” - Vancouver, then Black Tusk but they renamed themselves The Coalition.

I can’t find the article at the moment but TC is apparently pigeon-holed into only making Gears titles by MS.

100% agreed!!
Gears 5 is a game where only the ping matters. You can be a player with high skill, but if you don’t have a really good connection the game is garbage.
TC, have you ever leave the studio and see how your game is running in a normal house, with a normal connection???


100% agreed with you on this post. Have been a fan since gears 1 but this game is just unplayable. Shooting the shotgun feels like i’m a baby lamb trying to take my first step. I’m just tired of these mechanics gears 5 has. What made me stop playing this is game is the terrible online experience. I was playing an execution match where the opponent was crouched and I ran up behind him, shot point blank, he took it like a champ and turned around and 1 shot me. This happens to me and others countless times and I refuse to play this game anymore until the FIX THESE ISSUES.



Atmosphere of Gears 1, campaign scale of Gears 2, multiplayer of Gears 3.


100 percent agree.
And I would add mobility and speed of Gears 4.