TC, Great Holiday Skins... but

Make those colors pop! make metal variant skins glow like team metal (it looks great when it glows). give grinding/buying options for ALL skins (esports excluded) like Xmas skins via grinding, not just a handful of em. You’ll make more in the long run if you make the skins worth it AND give us a choice to either buy or grind for each skin. If you don’t see the value in anything I said, I fear for the future of this franchise.


Damn…even the TL;DR is too long for me to read…


Agreed. Started reading it and accidently scrolled down, only to realize that the OP copy/pasted an encyclopedia.

I agree about most of the skins being good but the nutcracker Shepard is too much. Doesn’t even look like anything to do with gears of war whatsoever.

I love the over dramatic addition of “…” to the topics :slight_smile:

How? You in a rush or something?

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I like the Nutcracker Shepherd. Well, maybe it’s because I’ve always found the Shepherd/Deadeye, so boring and plain to look at. All their skins in Gears 4 were just the same except a different color. You just had the red, white, black, yellow versions, etc. Boring. Now, finally, the Shepherd has a skin that really makes it stand out and look different.

The gigantic paragraph where they start to give TC business advice that “anyone with money understands” was pretty entertaining, I will say.

I promise* to read but having read the line about the Xmas weapon skins being better than ALL the Gears 4 ones, I had to reply.

The metallic red wrapper skins along with the Swarm character are mint, for me the best ones.

The ice and snow globe ones are also very nice.

Yoof of today or what used to be called the “MTV” generation. Youngsters like Master Clown have an attention span of about 5 mins then they are off again.

I however being Generation X have a lot longer span of attention, I just can’t be arssed;)


Imagine reading something for any longer than 2 minutes

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If my TLDR was too much, you must be part of this snowflake generation that has no patience, needing everything instantly, or you move on.

(Btw, sorry I think and type fast, which enables me to write a lot. I guess it’s always a problem being able to be like that, just as it’s a problem for you to have anything hold your attention for more than a few mere seconds)

Dude, don’t respond to my post without giving me a 4 word TL;DR

Whoops… that’s my bad.

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Yeah bro, all good. Just remember next time

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Sorry, you got it. :wink:

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Happy New Year, brother

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Same to you bro!

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