TC got any plans for the anniversary?

I first and foremost remember “Rise of the Horde” in Gears 4 which was made out to be this great and big update… and while it had been the most attention Horde got in Gears 4 at any point in time(opposed to like 95% constant Versus updates), it was just a new difficulty setting and some new skills as well as Level 6 when it did drop.

How about…20200907_103109|690x410, 50%
The gif is more impressive though.

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Looks like there waiting for the hype also,:no_mouth:


Was that… Unreleased hive buster DLC???:heart_eyes:

That’s what everybody has been speculating. Can’t talk about future content.

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Didn’t you know?

Disappointment by default is what we can expect

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If you expect nothing you are never disappointed


Can we talk about the new gear design though? Why is everyone just wearing pants and a utility belt now? Do gears not wanna protect their legs anymore? 0.o

Some have armor on their lower legs, like Kait. If you’re saying they should have thigh protection, wouldn’t that just get in the way of mobility?

That was the thing about these games. Everyone looked the way they did because of their armor and they needed all that armor because the weapons in this universe for some reason can level a building.

I get that it’s a newer generation of soldiers but the weaponry and enemies are basically the same if not worse. I doubt they’d go down a bit on the armor.

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