TC got any plans for the anniversary?

The 2 things I’m waiting for atm is the return of old CS skins and the promised buffs for Lahni. Both things TC could easily provide.
And rest assured it will take months or years before we get either of those.

are those types of PvE changes possible server side?

Why you asking me?

Because word on the street is you know.

Gilded chrome steel color blast delivery driver Mac. In the store due to popular demand.



What if god said Double XP and Pre-orders bonuses finally in the store.

But Dana Says “we don’t talk about future content”


Are…are those girls for sale?

The plan is to sink the game or ship into the ocean.

Bring back blitz or original KOTH from gears 2? Or submission.

Or maybe River?

Dana went out of his way to tell us not to get our hopes up for the anniversary when he refused to talk about any other non-content so…

Maybe a couple skins might return this week in the store or something but nothing new.

I miss the skins tied to achievement challenges, I want like actual earnable exclusive stuff. The tour is boring and I personally did it in 2 weeks (I’d assume most here finished it relatively quickly as well if they did it) so it’s just 16 weeks of collecting 750 coins. It’s just boring and theres nothing to do.

Everything but like 1 measly item in the tour will come back to the store so really it’s not even worth doing.

They don’t talk about future content, but all the content that we have isn’t anything special.

Anyways rant over as for the topic if we’re lucky we might get a skin or two


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Maybe we should get excited?


Exciting, I hope so!

Don’t hold your hopes up. TC has announced “exciting changes/info” before and it turned out to not really be very exciting.


Yes, our idea of excited seems to be much more different the TC.

How can anyone get excited with zero hype nor foreshadowing?


We all remember the "BANG":sleepy:

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