TC give me some variety in enemies please

Excuse me, what? Have you ever played PvE and especially Escape before?

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It’s been like since gears of war

Same movement as wretches just different skins

They could’ve made them hide in the trees & stuff when you’re walking around, like random or unknown encounters, too in the dlc.

Spawns were too predictable as well.

They just charge.

There was a lot of enemies in the DLC but they’re very repetitive.

Wretches actually rushed at you without regard for their life, Juvies actually zigzac and jump at walls and stuff while approaching. Not exactly my definition of “predictable”.

Same as Gnasher grenadiers, they killed COG and took it from them as a trophy.


After playing Deadspace the juvies movements are very bland.

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Different gameplay, babies can’t be put in stasis in Gears. What kind of comparison even is that?

What you mean? It’s a fair comparison.

A game of 2008 to a 2020 product. & they’re both rated MA. I’d say that’s pretty fair…

Set us apart from this fortnight audience too. A plus plus…

Just tired of the same old enemies since 4. Doesn’t command my attention…

Idk juvies are just very predictable to me.

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WHAT?! You know what, I’m done. DS and Gears have a very different approach to combat and gameplay. If you don’t see that I can’t help you.

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I honestly think They’re really similar…

From a gore standpoint & if I had to get creative I’d want something super gory anyway…

Besides TC just overlapping the same skins on the original gears of war locust…

That’s like saying DMC and NG are very similiar.

Last response you’ll get from me @GhostofDelta2 sorry for derailing xoxo :*

Nah you’re good. No derailing

I’m not even mad. We’re just having a discussion.

I’d still keep the gun swarm aspect but surely there’s room for some demented enemies

Cmon you know that be awesome…

They had the opportunity on Gears 5 itself and was wasted. Even the early infected deebees concepts arts were more interesting, maybe a truly mutaded monsters half machines half biological beings, they should take mor creative risks, the Wakaatu looks like Monster Hunter or The Witcher 3 enemy but was a ok addition although isn’t enough.
If at least they inspire on Resident Evil franchise in it’s long story, from Tyrants to Hunters, Lickers, Nemesis, Ustanak, Ramon Salazar, Vítores Mendez, Uroboros, Regenerators just to mention a few ones, but we still receive robots…
Fighting against generic infantry enemies but with different skins and weapons isn’t also enough, I expected too much from TC in terms of creativity, instead we’re getting changes of pvp tunings every week, and the players voting for the gears 4 maps and the MACRO Transactions, predatory monetization.
At this point I only want a PC ports of the original trilogy, I find more enemy varieties specially in Gears 3 not only the infantry enemies variants, but Lambents and those little enemies flying or corpsers or serapede.

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I totally agree.

There should be more creative focus than on the tunings & ranking systems.

Could’ve at least explored the wild life there too as we see some really creative creatures in the Exhibit PvP map.

It feels really bland & generic.

Always robots & same swarms since 4.

Heck if I made a salary being creative I’d do more than rehash all the locust & slap the name “swarm” on them…


I’m meaning the standards of gore & what creative talent could be

But I’d agree Deadspace was inspired by resident evil

Gears of War used to be pretty brutal & id say could hang with that era of violence.

Somewhere they stopped showing the splatter of blood & the dismemberments… blood used to stain when you were down & splatter all over the screen.

Blood spray was a factor in gnasher battles too.

I remember having blood splatter & I would literally blind fire in gnasher fights trying to predict movement.

Now it just cleans right off in less than maybe a second.

But in terms of gore it used to have that level of pride to be up there

I’d say we need that department of violence & creativity, desperately.

Very true. Juvie movements are difficult to predict, compared to wretches. Sometimes Juvies swipe at you and then back off too by doing a reverse cartwheel.

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Agree with everything you said here. This is what used to make Gears ’ Gears’. Why would they remove all this in Gears 5 is beyond me. Perhaps TC wants to cater to a younger audience? Not sure…

Crowbcat’s video on youtube outlines the change perfectly, It shows how there is a stark difference between Gears 5 and Gears of War.

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5 maybe, 7 is nearly Judgement.

Weird how the robots didn’t get a major overhall in the couple months between Gears 4 and Hivebusters.

I mean… Raam’s Shadow never really added anything new. We got to play as Raam but it was really slow and stagnate. All it added brand new was some weapons but nothing too extreme or wild.

(However I would rather see the Elite Sawed-Off come back instead of the normal Sawed-Off)

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Elite Maulers*

Onyx is reserved for COG troops.

The wretch & juvie might be slightly altered in movement , but back then the control schemes were a lot slower.

Today’s controller set ups are super fast so it’s similar to deal with a juvie is all I meant.

But I’m honestly bored of the juvie… maybe they can evolve them somehow?

Seeing how a juvie was once a human they could do a lot with that, in my opinion.

Not everyone looks the same

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I was shocked that they didn’t have a Swarm Flamer included in this DLC, the timing seemed too perfect.