TC give me some variety in enemies please

Just got done with the DLC & feels like I’ve been fighting the same old enemies since gears 4.

Deebee’s, swarms, & leeches…

I liked the art to the DLC but the enemies is getting redundant.

They don’t even match the surroundings of Pahanu or the DLC.

I swear they look the same as 4.

Same with the bots. I get bored fighting these creatures because it feels like I’ve been playing the same enemies since 4 which was 5-7 years ago…

Maybe in 6 or if there’s another DLC please consider making some original enemies…

Otherwise I get rather bored…

Would’ve made the dlc a whole lot better with original enemies…



Elite swarm gorilla grenadier??

Colour blast chimpanzee poppers/retro charging😂


I respect they’re making content…

At the same time I’d appreciate something… anything new…

I swear I fought juvies & leeches like 5x in the dlc…

But the maps were really cool & art.

Also why I can’t get that into PvE… same enemies for a good 6 years or however gears 4’s been out…

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To be fair, were we really expecting the Swarm to look any different because they went to a jungle environment? They basically have the same things on regardless of where they’re present.

Not to mention they’re not indigenous to Pahanu… unless you mean how the MP map doesn’t seem to have the same looks as the DLC environments.

I thought there was going to be a Swarm soldier using the Scorcher in the DLC tbh. Unfortunately not the case but at least we got the “Acid Chicken” Wakaatu

That being said, I wish they’d fix the appearance of Mulcher Scions in the PvE modes. It appears correctly in the Campaign but for whatever reason the Mulcher in Horde and Escape is the bare chested Buzzkill Scion while the Buzzkill Scion has apparently stolen the armor and helmet of the Mulcher Scion.


At least some effort to blend in the environment would be appreciated…

Because they look the same in any environment since 4 & it’s getting stale for me :frowning:

Shame they dont add some of the cool pvp skins to the swarm.



Would’ve been a great opportunity to create a jungle swarm look…

Anyhow… trying to give positive feedback…

Maybe they can try making these swarms blend a bit in the environment instead of just making them generic to any location…


Perhaps some sun glasses😎

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Why is the grenadier called this when the only throw flash bangs, at least have the elite throw frags. Would be good for escape/horde.



I don’t understand how the elite grenadier uses a overkill when they could have some sort of original swarm gun…

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I know, or even carry a gnasher in each hand and some actual body armour like the helmet.

Thats when u can call them elite😮

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They could at least add back the old elite drone and call him swarm soldier or something. Give him a scorcher?


We need him back!

What do you want? Gorilla Juvies?

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Maybe something like the beasts on beast mode on 3.

I’m just tired of the juvies & flock

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So what do you want? Original enemies or Swarm/Locust with different skins?

Something original but sure they can look back at stuff kinda like what they did with the bezerker/Matriarch

If it was up to me I’d have to completely create swarms.

I’d create them way more creepier.

I don’t think I’d have any more juvies. If I did they’d be demonic & fast twitch & they would look like children with claws & not suicidal.

& if you shot them they’d drag their top halves of bodies to try to harm , hop around you until they’re completely dead…

Try to set them apart from the locust.

Exploit their vicious evolution of counter part…

Because they’re exactly like locust but labeled as swarms…

Like shoot off their arm but the other arms still shooting & blood oozing …

Because they’re harder than crocodiles I’d imagine , & I’ve seen crocodiles lose limbs & not give 2 sh**s & go about their day.

Little things like that & a mix of fresh enemies

I can think of some stuff, but I’m playing Deadspace 3 but I’m sure rn so I’m on the spot lol. TC can be creative.

I’ll get back to you on this when I can think

Have to revamp a lot of the enemies if I had my way

Not sure if its my piss poor eyesight but Juvies tend to come in different shades of color, seen a few sporting greenish, blueish and fleshy hues.

Juvies look suicidal to you?

They’re too predictable, & don’t care to live

I get their pawns but it’s redundant, maybe something fresh

I’d hash them out & go off the basis of baby flesh eating swarms that don’t just hop