TC give Gears back to EPIC Please

Gears of war is my favorite franchise of all time and Im really disappointed that these passed 2 games haven’t felt much like gears like in 4 you play through the campaign you feel like your about to hit the half way point then bam cliff hanger ending an now with 5 there’s this out of place open world aspect that thakes away from the narrative an flow of the story also it’s probably the shortest gears game so far (because side missions an big maps don’t count for story progression) an then they make you do this bul****t choice in the shortest ending act of a gears game yet (2 chapters) that jus doesn’t feel like gears and makes the campaign feel hollow an just takes away your motivation to play so please for the love of Dominic Santiago and all the passed Carmine’s TC give Gears back to EPIC

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