TC, Gears 5 feels somewhat broken now

I don’t know where to begin, with multiplayer, it seems as though it’s getting harder and harder to be a PC player on this game.

Now for the most part, it still plays somewhat decent, the biggest problem for most is the gib range, another is players with 100+ ping are almost impossible to defeat in a multiplayer match across the board.

I really don’t want to compare, but gears 4 seems to not have nearly a quarter of these issues, I could play against another player who has 90 ping, and down, and kill that player in the game no problem.

It seems gears 4 feels quite a bit more polished to me vs gears 5, maybe the reason for this is because Gears 4 was the footprint TC needed to make for this games success.

Now I’m sure Gears 4 had it’s fair share of problems, and bug fixes, but if you want the fun factor in Gears 5, your going to have to follow the example of what you did to Gears 4 to make it play so well.

Another thing that should be noted is bringing back older maps that everyone has been requesting, canals is one of them, war machine is one of them, and roof tops is definitely one of them.

I strongly believe that if TC follows their own example on what they did to Gears 4, they will no doubt make Gears 5 an even greater game than 4, hope you guys can do it, you made a game that sets the bar, and your the developers to beat when it comes to other studios games they develop.

Of all the maps in all the games you managed to pick the three maps absolutely nobody has been asking for.

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For what purpose?

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Nostalgia. I’d accept it for that along.

Good times, aiming the Hammer of Dawn at the pipes above. :joy:


Canals all day, i could be persuaded to give rooftops another go, meh on war machines unless the gow5 version has the troika removed.

I knew all them spots to bring that down.

Especially the opposite box where you could almost always get a kill right off the bat.

And yeah, all the pipes!

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Haha likewise, and let’s not forget it was normally followed by a beautiful string of “hacking” and “host” messages.

The good old days :joy:

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