TC fixing the problem of losing points for a win when there's a much bigger problem at hand

What the ■■■■ is this?

Scrap this ranked system, honestly. All these complicated calculations and ■■■■ they claim is going on, but the system can’t comprehend the simple concept of giving the player who performed the best in the game against all odds at least a few points. It’s not really good if anyone can just stop and think “that guy did really good and should be rewarded for it” and that’s not what happens.

I completely get it. And agree.

But priority 1 for me is SOME NEW FREAKING MAPS.

Against all odds? You were favored to win lol

I agree with the OP but Priority 1 for me is a consistent netcode. It’s so frustrating to have one match perform well and the next 5 to be inconsistent spongefests.

But yes, new maps is a must.

@OxSIDExEROUS, favored to win or not an MVP should never lose points win or lose. He didn’t lose because of his own faults but rather his teams. I lost a match of TDM yesterday 2-1 because we had a teammate go 2-15 while I dominated the lobby. I shouldn’t have lost points for it but I did. This is supposed to be an individual ranking system but you’re being penalized for your teammate(s) shortcomings.

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It should go by damage done per match.

If you think about it, that would make people have to watch their k/d, play the objective, and play smart for their teammates. The more you die, the less damage you output.

I think that is what they wanted people to get out of the eliminations on the scoreboard - to help in every fight and be more involved than just going for your little kill.

The ranking system should reflect that!

You can’t camp for a high k/d because that won’t give you the necessary minimum damage to rank up from your current rank.

Can’t push blindly and die a lot or you won’t be alive enough to output damage.

Can’t camp power weapons all day either.

etc, etc, etc.

Then the match result should be added on top of this - positive for winning always and negative for losing always - but only on top of what you did in the match.