Tc: fix the chainsaw!

I mean, come on!!! It’s been a year…

if it is too difficult for you to find a way to fix the stupid auto forced reload during a chainsaw interrupt, get rid of the interrupt until you DO fix it!!


Yeah it’s really annoying.


And what’s with the amount of damage it takes to interrupt you? You get looked at and your character drops the saw like someone slapped them


Like I said earlier about this bug:


Shhh! Don’t talk about the chainsaw glitch/exploit! If TC figures out it is as useful as the Uncle Clay glitch, they’ll patch it overnight with a server side update.

This is something that should have been fixed a long time ago.


The only reason I can think of is that it is somehow tied up in alot of coding and will require a serious rewrite of various codes so it can be properly fixed. There is just no way TC properly play tested this and it just never happened to them even once. In every game previous to this I always used the chainsaw in VS and Horde but now I stay away from it as much as possible because in VS it can really mess up an entire match unless I get lucky and survive. The Lancer jamming after pressing reload once should be looked into also.

Either the above or TC are fully aware of this and during their tests and even to this day never seen it as a problem. Doubt thats the reason but who knows with al the bugs still present from day one. Hell after OP 3 moving the fabricator resulted in being kicked from the game which I have seen happen to other players.

Perhaps we should just spam the next dev stream with this question.

I got chainsawed twice because of it yesterday :triumph:

Get rid of the flitch mechanic on the lancer temporary until an actual fix/change for retro, chainsaw, GL mode for the lancers

and while they are at it, fix the reload which happens about 80% of the times I activate my ultimate or skip , using classic alt (where the keys are LB-RB)

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Nothing will change

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It might be fixed in Gears 6 if Microsoft changes the developer team. Wait 2 more years.


I like doing Paduk solo runs and I have to empty my lancer just to avoid this. It’s sad. The chainsaw flinch is also idiotic in an already buggy game.