Tc finally admitted why the store price is high

That game is being co-developed by another studio so it’s on schedule. I hope it’s good it’s supposed have a Halo Wars 2 type of campaign

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The quality of DLC for Gears 2 and 3 will never be matched. Especially at this rate.

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In 2019, so the last few events and the last tournement the numbers were definitely down. Some of the usual Fight Night events were watched by around 600 or so people. The major tournaments were better and were in the thousands, but still a drop compared to 2017 and even 2018. The highest figures I’ve seen at any one time at a major was around 8000 but then I dont watch them properly - just have it on in a browser on the background and claim the free skins.

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At least in Gears 4, the 10 dollar pack you bought would give you 5 things. Towards the end, you were guaranteed at least 1 character (epic), and 4 other items.

While in Gears 5 TC touted NO MORE RNG!!! they went two steps back with making 1 skin 10 dollars.

The team in charge of the store needs re-working. They screwed up with Gears 4 causing a large portion of the community to go in a frenzy, and now they are causing headaches again with Gears 5.

I get it, the store supports free maps. Make skins reasonable prices and maybe more people will feel inclined to buy. I for one, do not mind buying A SET OF WEAPON SKINS for 400 iron. Not ONE SKIN for 400 iron.

I would also buy a character skin for 500-800 (really pushing it) iron. But at 1000, I would not.

With these prices, I would rather pay a 30 dollar game pass and get the majority of these micro transactions for free. The community looks at the model you have now poorly.

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In all fairness, they are not advertising these through the game, twitter, and even on here. I try to keep up to date with these, but even I had no idea they are doing any type of events.

In addition, 2017 and 2018 not only had a lot of promoting by TC, but they also had weapons skins and other prizes they would give away for watching.

Lets be honest, the majority of those people were only there for the weapon skins and not to watch 10 hours of escalation, which can be rather cumbersome.

All this talk about the store supporting new maps. Why don’t we wait and see what we actually get, because at the moment we get a very conservative 7 maps at launch and because that was yet another misstep by The Cockups sorry The Coalition, they had had to add Gears 4 maps in.

Realistically what are we expecting in Dec (is it then?) and why have TC not confirmed, or have they ?

I would think a minimum of 4 maps (not Gears 4 ones) and I might be alone but I would be happy with Legacy maps from 1 and 2.

…as I say let’s wait and see what our extra £ is actually getting us before we make their excuses for them.


Give me Raven down and i’ll be happy

Only if it is Gears 3 version


Cumbersome :joy: I have not heard that word in a long time. I’d use a much stronger one to describe 10 hours of Escalation, but interesting choice.


I love the original, but the Snowy Raven Down was beautiful.


Yes indeed, I think he ment Moribund or like watching paint dry :wink:
Maybe trying to be a bit too grandiose in the vernacular.

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Personally speaking, if we got the following at the start of Operation 2 then I’d be happy:

  • 4 maps including 2 classics.
  • 3 new COG Horde/Escape Hero characters unlockable through totems.
  • 3 new Swarm or Locust characters unlockable through totems.
  • 6 skin variants for the new Horde/Escape characters unlockable in the TOD (2 each).
  • 6 skin variants for the new Swarm/Locust characters unlockable in the TOD (2 each).
  • 2 new “team” weapon sets unlockable in the TOD.

But realistically? We’d probably get a fraction of this. This list is just what would please and placate me given all of TC’s mis-steps. They got alot to do to win fans back over!

Very well played, good sir.

Indeed a specimen of portentousness, such a most plausible and eloquent display of perspicacious intellect, I do say!


Excellent :

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I was just remembering how fun Raam’s shadow & Dark Corners were. Those were the days when Gears developers were innovative & not just trying to make a cheap cash grab.

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Yeah TC acting like theyre broke! :joy::rofl: we need super high skin prices to run multiplayer. Funny how other games do without a store just fine. Adding a season pass used to not be a problem in the past. Games still made millions and have online support. They just want even more money so they add an expensive store so players dish out hundred instead of an extra 40$. EA battlefront 2 totally changed their game, no season pass, free content monthly, lots a free skins that are earnable. They have a store for crystals for skins you dont want to grind, never bought any though. The game has its problems but its free! So TC can take their ■■■■■■■■ excuses elsewhere. Just admit that they just want to rip us off because they know idiots spend money on their ■■■■ no matter the price! They are greedy mother truckers!

That’s what I’m saying! What’s so wrong about paying for like you said,

It’s better to do that than to be worrying content from our end and money from their end.

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Yes 100%. But, they listened to the cry babies and look what happened. Everyone’s boy Ryan Clevens even said the prices are this way because no season pass was made. No body stops to think about the repercussions of what the cry about. I’m glad the store prices are so high. Doesn’t mean anything to me though. I’m not buying anything from it.


Ahh, let’s go back to 2010. Let’s segregate the player base again. Let’s have playlists that players have to pay to go in.

Season passes are a forgotten tool for good reason.

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Yeah, this isn’t news OP. But thanks for sharing.