Tc finally admitted why the store price is high

I certainly have trouble getting back into Versus after finishing General…I decided to go back to Gears 4 Core to see what it was like again and the difference is almost night and day.

I was able to compete with the sweats that are still in it because the Gnasher wasn’t even pulling the 83% garbage it used to. In 5…it’s clearly half baked and it doesn’t make it enjoyable for me and that really saddens me.


But the past is better then the present rn. So what say u

trust me most of the viewers tune in for the giveaways especially weapon skins smh!

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Borderlands season passes were the best. 4 different story DLC’s for $30 in both BL1 and BL2. Here’s hoping we get the same for Borderlands 3.

I think we need to stop bringing up Gears 3 and it’s pricing/DLC. we’re 8 years removed from that launch and over the course of those years development costs have skyrocketed across the industry while the "$60 " price point has remained the same.

For some reason the base price never rose with these ever rising dev costs, leaving us with publishers who needed to find alternative ways to cover their bottom line.

I would be all for a $10-$20 bump in base price if it means egregious MTX items go away. I’m just not very trusting of the Huge publishers (EA / Activision) not walking back the MTX tactics at the new price.

Also, I’m not lost on the blatant scummy CEO’s who rake in millions of dollars. they’re also a part of the problem.


This is why I’m in the minority that simply prefer to pay for DLC. Just give me the good content and I’ll pay for it.

Like in Gears 3. Sure, there is the argument of splitting the community but i would much rather pay and shut up than to be getting nickle and dimed and complaining endlessly.

I mean, if you are into a game, what is so wrong about paying for the DLC straight up?

As for the current situation, the prices and the way the store works do NOT have to be as they are in order to fund post launch content.

It just makes me think that they have to go too far in order to make this money support work. It’s like they feel they won’t get enough money in return for free content.


OK, summary of this thread:
Having a store with purely cosmetic items at various prices up to $10, which are purely optional and does not in any way affect gameplay=bad.
Having a season pass for $30 which is required for playing certain game content, and segregates playerbase into two tiers depending on who bought season pass and not=good.
I don’t know at what point I entered bizarro world where hamburgers eat people, but here I am I guess.


So sad :pensive:many thanks for the info OP

I never got the thing about “splitting the community/fans” with paid dlc . Each and every Gears 3 player I have ever come across has the DLC. It was super high quality with lots of bonuses, why wouldn’t you want more, if you are a fan of the series ?


Where’s the guys who were shouting “Everything is earnable, so stop complaining!”

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The game has soul in the campaign. Multiplayer is where it’s a dump. People should just not generalize the whole game is bad when a lot of people just play for campaign. And in that aspect it’s great.

Multiplayer is unacceptable, especially to Gears fans who’ve stuck with the franchise for a long time


That game is being co-developed by another studio so it’s on schedule. I hope it’s good it’s supposed have a Halo Wars 2 type of campaign

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The quality of DLC for Gears 2 and 3 will never be matched. Especially at this rate.

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In 2019, so the last few events and the last tournement the numbers were definitely down. Some of the usual Fight Night events were watched by around 600 or so people. The major tournaments were better and were in the thousands, but still a drop compared to 2017 and even 2018. The highest figures I’ve seen at any one time at a major was around 8000 but then I dont watch them properly - just have it on in a browser on the background and claim the free skins.

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At least in Gears 4, the 10 dollar pack you bought would give you 5 things. Towards the end, you were guaranteed at least 1 character (epic), and 4 other items.

While in Gears 5 TC touted NO MORE RNG!!! they went two steps back with making 1 skin 10 dollars.

The team in charge of the store needs re-working. They screwed up with Gears 4 causing a large portion of the community to go in a frenzy, and now they are causing headaches again with Gears 5.

I get it, the store supports free maps. Make skins reasonable prices and maybe more people will feel inclined to buy. I for one, do not mind buying A SET OF WEAPON SKINS for 400 iron. Not ONE SKIN for 400 iron.

I would also buy a character skin for 500-800 (really pushing it) iron. But at 1000, I would not.

With these prices, I would rather pay a 30 dollar game pass and get the majority of these micro transactions for free. The community looks at the model you have now poorly.

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In all fairness, they are not advertising these through the game, twitter, and even on here. I try to keep up to date with these, but even I had no idea they are doing any type of events.

In addition, 2017 and 2018 not only had a lot of promoting by TC, but they also had weapons skins and other prizes they would give away for watching.

Lets be honest, the majority of those people were only there for the weapon skins and not to watch 10 hours of escalation, which can be rather cumbersome.

All this talk about the store supporting new maps. Why don’t we wait and see what we actually get, because at the moment we get a very conservative 7 maps at launch and because that was yet another misstep by The Cockups sorry The Coalition, they had had to add Gears 4 maps in.

Realistically what are we expecting in Dec (is it then?) and why have TC not confirmed, or have they ?

I would think a minimum of 4 maps (not Gears 4 ones) and I might be alone but I would be happy with Legacy maps from 1 and 2.

…as I say let’s wait and see what our extra £ is actually getting us before we make their excuses for them.


Give me Raven down and i’ll be happy

Only if it is Gears 3 version


Cumbersome :joy: I have not heard that word in a long time. I’d use a much stronger one to describe 10 hours of Escalation, but interesting choice.