Tc finally admitted why the store price is high

check it out ryan finally admitted why the store is the way it is

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This is something we’ve all known for awhile now. Thats no reason for the high prices though


EASY SOLUTION: They shoul’da charge more for the game , but at the end to deliver A GREAT GAME, rather that to charge a normal price point and in return delivering a half-hearted game with no soul.

they can’t have it both ways … to charge us for full and then additionally charge for kid’s skins for the guns and expecting us to pay them so they can continue running the servers…

If its expensive for them … they should’da delivered a GREAT GAME that makes everyone happy instead of catering for the nickelodeon kids that didn’t stay long… they placed a bet unfortunately the casino won.

THE LONG ROAD SOLUTION: To put the game for free… and then asks us to buy mcdonalds emoticons if we would like… the MISTAKE here its that they sell us a FULL GAME and in spite of that they are baggin us off with MTX in every sense… TC just shoot themselves on the foot.



Or go back to the game pass.

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Oh, look. Another BS excuse from TC. How surprising.

Just make a season pass and actually give the consumers their money’s worth unlike that $50 abomination of a season pass in Gears 4.

Remember when Gears season passes would give us new maps (not just available in private mode) and story content? I’d gladly pay $30 for something like that which actually promised content. There’s tons of ways to make money post-launch that doesn’t insult the consumers’ intelligence.


Ah the season pass that everyone and their mother also **** about? Yeah no *** thanks. Also the predatory loot boxes with high prices that people seem to have forgotten about? Again no thanks. Keep the past where it belongs.


Been saying this the whole time the game has been out. Nothing new.


To be fair this has been proven with Rainbow Six Siege (Which has ATROCIOUS pricing and quite the drip-feed of content) but nobody really cares because the game on a fundamental level is great. It’s like the $40 worth of skins in Gears 3. I’d happily pay that because it’s obvious a lot of soul went into the game and I have fun playing it and I’d love to support it.

Would I support Gears 5 $40 worth? Hell no.


Gears 2 and Gears 3 did season passes right. I don’t care what anyone says. Got story content (Dark Corners and Raam’s Shadow) and a bunch of extra maps that weren’t available to everyone.

Gears 4 season pass, however (which was almost double the price mind you) was a freaking joke.


Exactly. Add it to the list of accolades the complainers cried about.


As much as I’m in full support of exclusive content as far as Story expansions and whatnot.

Splitting maps between DLC and Non-DLC players is stupid, and actually Gears 4’s way of releasing maps was pretty alright. And all the maps were priced at $50 making the Season pass worth it’s value…

Even if the pre-order bonuses became craftable.


Not really in gears 2 all the maps together came out in 09. 3 wasn’t too bad but tying map ownership to using servers (an on the box bullet point) and not telling us that was shady.

Also the first maps released for Gears 3 were on the disc… And they cost $10.

Look at the Horde command pack (the one with the most requested character still absent in Gears 4, Onyx Guard, ironically enough) and you’ll realize all those features and characters and maps can’t possibly fit in 10 megabytes.


Don’t worry, Onyx Guard will be a $15 skin for COG Gear, he’s got the Onyx Guard on one of his Horde Skill cards.

He’s been confirmed as earnable in tour… watch him be as the reward for reaching General, or a medal unlock that requires reaching Masters in all modes or something. Just to *** with us more of course. As to the cards I have unlocked cog gear but didn’t play him in Horde yet.

Probably grind out a few medals tonight before they secretly (to avoid initial backlash) disable earning medals progress in custom Horde and escape.

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It’s a lesser of evils argument I suppose. The fact is a lot of “newly” released content that comes out is already on the disc and that is never going to change. I’d personally rather pay a one time flat fee of $30-$50 if I was promised all the content that eventually released for a game I enjoyed instead of having every little thing locked behind paywalls.


The game already costs a fair bit, like most AAA games. Wasn’t the Ultimate Edition something like £70 and the standard version £50?

Besides, I’m sure TC thought they had created a great game and it was only after it was released they began to realise they hadn’t when the negative feedback started drifting in.

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It’s not at all an excuse for high prices. I honestly think they’d make way more money by taking the prices down a notch or halfing them.


And happier fans who are more likely to stick around, and thus spend more in the long term.

TC need to remember that for long-time fans, some of us went through GOW4, the RNG nonsense and spending money during that period too. Quite simply, some of us will be beginning to experience consumer fatigue and be feeling like they’re taking the mick now.

Speaking personally, I have a bit of a completionist streak about me. While I didn’t have to spend any real money on the normal Gear Packs on GOW4 in order to complete every single set, I did spend a reasonable sum on eSports to complete the sets.

But with GOW5? I’ve resisted. Hell, it’s not even been hard at all. I’m just fed up. I haven’t bought much at all and won’t be. Winter Marcus is not worth that money (£8.50). The quality VS cost just makes it very poor value in my opinion. If they released something good at lower prices, then I’d feel more inclined to spend.


You got X amount of months of content with Gears 3 and then that was it, it was the same game for the rest of the year and forever. With this current model they can keep adding content for over a year.

Raams Shadow dlc vs Faded Shirt (totally not Gilded Raam slightly edited) Raam.

Quality > quantity.

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