Tc feel real proud giving 2 characters out

From this video . I can sense tc feel real proud of themselves giving us 2 new characters Lizzie and jomad whatever it’s called .

Like Baird , onyx guard , Kantus . And drone are not new characters I’m afraid .
And to give us more of the same characters in the tour is total bs too . Classic Baird , classic gears 4 kait , glided Baird . And red speaker for the final tier of the duty is so lame .

1 new map for versus mp is a joke
Lift is not a new map.
Can’t play others as there tied to ffa
Boxes are the same so nothing new there.

All this content in the new tour should have been in the game on release .

Drip feeding all this content every 3 months ain’t gonna be a good business model after the next operation .
You’ve killed the franchise tc . It’s a mockery of the true legacy of the original saga. I’d be ashamed making this game and releasing this utter mess . If you was a piece of content of the game , you’d be a crappy bloodspray . As it’s terrible and pointless


Please keep the feedback/discussion in that thread. Thank you.