TC Exclusive Skin

I heard there was a TC COG skin exclusive like the imago one, does anyone know if that’s true and what it’s called. Thanks!

The Coalition Soldier.


Those are mad nice.

That is awesome, wish I could get one lol

I bet those skins have such a small hitbox while their Gnasher hitbox is the size of a airplane. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My friend played against one a while ago and she was freaking out. Lol. She sent a clip of her killing one and was like, is this real? His do I get it? Did I miss a pack somehow? What is going on? :smile:
I’d already seen it on the forum so I filled her in.


Eh not a fan of it…not liking the armor but the white and black is pretty cool

Yeah plus aimbots, every reload is active, they respawn with frags not smokes, larger ammo clips etc usual “works as intended” stuff…


Love how they keep the best skins for themselves and we get colorblast characters. Every season pass holder should get those skins since we basically got nothing.

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It’s just UIR on other color.


Looks pretty friggin’ sweet!

They ripped off from Stormtrooper

Looks good, but “the coalition soldier” wearing UIR armour (albeit with a recolour) is a bit of an odd combo… I know it’s ‘coalition’ with reference to the developers and not the COG but still.