TC doesn't get enough credit with Gears 4 and 5


I’m probably in the minority with this, but does anyone feel the same? I started on Gears 1 and 4 was my favorite until the latest update on Gears 5, but I still see a lot of people that prefer the other games over the new ones. Despite all of the issues with TC, does anyone feel like they don’t get enough credit with all the work they’ve done with the latest 2 titles? I mean there is a lot of things I hate with in both 4 and 5, these games are far from perfect, but I still enjoy em loads more than the older games in the series. Like, it’s just a constant hate train and I don’t think it’s deserved (despite all of the issues). Anyone feel the same? I’ll list some reasons as to why I feel this why, but if you agree with me I’d like to hear from you. Let’s start with this.


A lot of people say they killed Gears… I truly don’t see this since they’re the reason we’re still playing it in 2020? I mean, I get what they’re saying, but I completely disagree. I don’t like the way TC handled a lot of things, but they have given us imo the smoothest/best gameplay that Gears has had to offer so far. If Gears stopped in 2013, that would have just been a complete waste of a series. It would also actually be dead if that was the case too. Personally,… I feel like TC saved Gears (this isn’t saying they’re perfect) and I’m very grateful for the games they’ve made. Now, onto the game that most say is the best.


I don’t want this to be a long read so I want go super in depth into some of the reasons, but basically I think TC nailed the gameplay in most aspects. Here is a simple list of things that I don’t think were done well in Gears 3. Weapon Balance, Stopping Power, Mantle Kick, and much much more. A lot of this is just due to the times, I mean they much more simple back then, but to hear people outright say TC brought nothing to the table when they fixed most of these issues is just plain wrong. I wish I could’ve played the Gears 3 that I see a lot of people talking about, but that version just doesn’t exist. I feel like a lot of people trash the latest games because their favorite memories are in the older ones and personally I don’t think that’s the fairest of critiques. I enjoyed 3 a lot at the time, but it’s the simplest way it can be said I don’t think it’s much having experienced the new ones.


When I first opened Gears 4 and saw how much there was to earn I was blown completely away. I think TC really nailed down the skins in that game. A bit too much filler, but there was also a TON of not filler. I honestly don’t know how they made so many skins throughout the life cycle of that game, it’s completely unreal. I say this because I still people say that Gears 3 had the best skins… what??? I can understand not liking the way you had to get the skins, because packs just aren’t as good as unlocking them compared to progress based unlocks, but to completely invalidate all the work that went into the content is insane to me. A ton of work goes into these games and it really feels like none of it’s appreciated. I don’t know how the developers deal with it, probably sucks tbh, but I commend them for continuing to make this game with all the comments they have to deal with. They deserve better, Node Zero deserved better.


Now, I have been very positive with TC in this post because that’s kind of the point, but I don’t want people to think that I believe TC is perfect, There is a lot that I still don’t like in the games. I uninstalled Gears 5 a few months in because of the state it was in after completely loving Gears 4. Obviously i’m still playing it now, but there was a large amount of time when I didn’t like Gears 5. I even had issues with 4, but my main point with all of this is that despite all of the bad that they’ve done I wanted to give them some love because they genuinely made my favorite games in the series and I don’t think they get enough thanks. And well, hopefully there are a few others out there that feel the same. If you do not feel the same, constructively reply with why you don’t and hopefully I can help you appreciate a couple things more. I think there is too much negativity in the Gears Community and hopefully this lightens things up a bit. Also, the Gears 5 Campaign was absolutely fantastic. Y’all really put in the much needed work after the Gears 4 Campaign. Thanks.


Biggest problem TC has had was releasing both games in an unfinished state and being about the greediest developer out there.

Both games are or will become great games.

Between the bugs and cash grab mentality, they garnered a reputation justly earned.


That is my least favorite thing with both of them, mostly 5. I personally blame Microsoft in 5’s case because I completely believe they pushed them to release the game last September. They absolutely needed more time. I can only hope they realize this and don’t do the same mistake with 6.


I do agree on the campaigns. I thought both were fantastic.

Gears 5 campaign is my 2nd fav behind Gears 2.

If the “decision” wasn’t in there, it might be my #1.


That’s how it pretty much always goes. People rarely give positive feedback as eagerly as negative feedback (which isn’t exclusive to games, either). Basically, when people are satisfied enough they don’t usually bother giving feedback.

I’m not saying people are doing wrong by complaining about legitimate issues. People should let the developer know what’s wrong about their game. I’m just saying that’s how people tend to behave.

On TC’s case, there have been plenty of reasons for criticism over the past few years, of which TC are aware and they have been pretty much open about it (which is good). What I respect TC most for is how they are actively working on their game whenever problems pop up.

As a comparison, I always use one extreme example of how feedback is handled poorly right now and that is Destiny 2. More precisely pvp in that game. There are so many fundamental issues that Bungie show no intention of fixing, despite the sheer amount of negative feedback. For example, the 600 rpm auto rifles are right now ridiculously overpowered, so much so that they’re actually better at long range than the actual long range primary rifles.
No one asked for the buff for that weapon type. Instead, Bungie just thought players didn’t use the 600 rpm auto rifles enough so they buffed them to the point that players would have to use them, which is terrible game design when talking about a game where the player is supposed to put effort into creating their own character build that suits them. And Bungie have stated that the current pvp meta won’t change in any way until the next dlc is released, which is sometime in this November…
I’m also worried about the pvp maps. There are relatively few maps that are actually good. On top of that, Bungie are soon removing pvp maps from the game because they’re not in line with the story (which is imo dumb because pvp doesn’t have to be canon and changes to pvp should simply be based on what’s good for pvp).
Basically, Bungie right now apparently have no clue how to handle pvp and they’re seemingly ignoring all player feedback. They’re not at all focusing on what really is good for pvp and that is leading to poor design decisions concerning pvp.

Imo, TC have done pretty good job at communicating and are doing correct decisions concerning pvp. There’s still plenty of work to be done about Gears 5, but I am enjoying the game more than before.


I thought Gears 4 was good tbh but I played it way after its launch. Gears 5 however is TC messing up entirely

Mhm, it’s a lot easier to complain and make noise then it is to actually compliment when the developer does right. Doesn’t mean the complaints aren’t valid, but some of them just don’t feel the most constructive (x is bad, fix it). Also yea, I love the developer streams. It’s though when they dodge a question or just misunderstand them, but when they actually let us what’s going on BTS it’s nice.

TC don’t deserve any, that’s why.

Gears 3 was and still is a much better game than any that have come after it.

I agree about the stopping power and that the rifles were over powered, but that’s it.

Gears Judgement, 4 & 5, catered towards new players. Which hasn’t worked at all.

Gears 5 released like it was a free to play game or even a preview game (with so many problems, glitches and bugs). Still seems that way.

Fantastic? Definitely not. Campaign was bland, boring, tedious. Cheesy story, that was just terrible.

I swear some people have extremely low expectations.

I don’t expect a game to be on its 5th/6th iteration and have gone backwards with everything about it.


I give them credit for continuing Gears; my favorite series of all time. Gameplay is at a point where I am having fun both in PVP and PVE.

Sadly, here I am as the gamer faced with a joke of a ranking system; heavy micro-transactions (still need more time to ■■■■■ the credibility of the new store from OP4); inconsistent connection P2P / server; re-ups that have no worth til almost 35+; etc.

Like another said, the process of appealing to new and casual gamers has brought us here. It is a respectable decision in theory but has been poorly implemented.

While TC has rebounded from one of the worst launches IMO, this will be another installment where once 5 gets to where it needs to be a new Gears will be on the horizon.

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Because I wan’t to understand, what makes Gears 3 better than what we have today? Is it just because of the way unlocks were handled? I currently can’t see it in gameplay, which matters most to me, but is it just because of how things were unlocked better in 3? Because while I do enjoy progress stuff over packs for example, I just don’t think there’s much in terms of content in Gears 3. 30 weapon skins and 30 character skins, without spending money doesn’t it for me. It was nice at the time, but even if the way of unlocking them isn’t the best (packs), I just plain had more fun with them in the long run. Also, Gears 5 is like Halo Reach with how you get content that’s fantastic. I hate that it took this long, but it’s so much fun to earn stuff now. And it’s not like the economy is even that bad right now. It could be a lot more balanced for people that don’t us XP Boost, but it’s very playable right now. Tour Objectives and Medals are fantastic and I really don’t see how Gears 3 could be seen as better without rose tinted glasses.

There are still issues with certain microtransations, the latest example is a 15 dollar Karn skin (that’s trash especially compared to the price of RAAM Shadow) but I am not the type of person to see a $$ on a skin and feel like I was wronged. I can understand the need to make money, EPIC stopped because Gears started to cost too much to make so I understand the need to have microtransations. They of course need to be more consumer friendly, but they are not in a terrible state right now.

No matter what though, I agree on the launch of 5. I said in a previous reply that I blame Microsoft more than TC for the release because I believe they pushed them to put it out then, but yeah the state of the game at launch was terrible. I uninstalled it because of how bad it was, but I enjoy it a lot more now. As with the Campaign, I guess we can just disagree on it. I mean I thought the chemistry with the new squad was great, favorite writing out of the all the games tbh, but yea that’s just opinion. I didn’t like a few stuff, a few open world bits, Act 3 in specific, and too many fake outs, but the other games really aren’t perfect either? I can not like a lot of what they did, but I can’t see me thinking any different. TC deserves some credit still.

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well I wasn’t there throughout the entire lifecycle of Gears 4 so I won’t speak about that, but I’ve been here in Gears 5 since OP1 and the most annoying thing that I see is the QA/testing process…

The most recent update is a perfect example as to why people don’t give them too much credit, update was delayed 1 week, and when it comes out it not only didn’t do everything (PvE changes) it was supposed to do but it also reverted previous glitches that were found prior (barrier exploits being the talk of the town now) this is unexceptable because not only does it piss off people who were really excited for said changes, but it just gives an overall impression that they can’t release a single update without breaking something because apparently their QA team is a bunch of gerbils :rage:

Its one thing that the game launched in a really rough state, its another that they somehow manage to burn themselves so often. I love the game but I’m gonna have to start praying some more because only God can solve the issues with Gears 5 :pleading_face:

TC is so obsessed with releasing new content or fixing stuff they have had an enormous amount of difficulty making sure any of it was good in the first place, TC probably just needs to spend some more time thinking about stuff and making sure everything they release works day 1 instead of just spamming us with junk every week :pensive:


I agree with you OP. TC do not get enough credit for G4 and G5. Love it or hate it, there would be no Gears without TC, plain and simple. Yet it’s always a non-stop hate train with some people. Funny thing is, it was the same way with G1-3 with Epic. It’s nothing new to TC so how has TC ruined Gears when it was a non-stop hate train back then too. Hindsight is nostalgic.

I think there are far less gun inconsistencies than people believe. Anyone have this type of person on your friend’s list? Scream and complain for every death yet when you look from your screen or from ghost cam, from different angles, it seems they were missing their shots. Screaming, “that nade was nowhere near me!”
“uhh, ya it was at your feet bro”
“No way this game is broken!!!1! Screw TC!!!1!!1.”
Funny thing is, the player will often be doing quite well but yet will be screaming at every death. Like is he supposed to never die?

I see continuous posts on the forums along the lines of ‘Game is completely unplayable, people teleporting, rubber banding, shots not firing, point blanks doing nothing’, I seem to be playing another game, because that’s not my experience at all. Most games are fairly consistent to me. I use a wired connection and live north of the midwest US in Canada. My ping is usually 60-70 on a wired connection. Even in higher ping lobbies, it doesn’t feel too bad for me. Am I just lucky?

It just seems to me, that for a number of players, whenever they are losing or even just die in some cases, they invoke some Bogeyman to assure themselves that they would win their game or encounter were it not for their opponent(s):
having high ping, low ping, being mexican, lancering too much, gnashering too much, using power weapons too much, lag switching, hidden boost given to opposing team by TC, having host (there is no host but the myth persists), their shots not registering, point blank shots doing nothing, character moving slower. I admit there are a few wtf moments but the way some people describe the game I’m sure is an exaggeration. Then they go on gears media and sound off on whatever bogeyman suits there fancy.

Regarding content, there is tons of it in this game. It has the hugest PVE offering by far. What is it 29 Hives now and periodic Horde maps to boot, Unique ultimates for many characters. Tons of characters and skins. Arcade mode. I admit, pvp maps were sparse at launch but I think pvp came at the expense of pve. I’m not into campaign but apparently it was at least fairly good.

They’ve been listening to the community. Got rid of RNG which still pervades many games. Made skins earnable through Gears Points. No more FOMO. They’ve continued to tune the gnasher to remove legacy inconsistencies. They’ve added a new ranking system that is more transparent and they are still trying to revise it to make it better.

There are a lot of reasons to be critical of TC and the consumer unfriendly practices that pervade the gaming industry but the overwhelming hate train is so overbearing that I find myself trying to offer a healthy dose of devil’s advocate for people’s self-fulfilling disdain for TC.


TC is incapable of developing multi-player. Microsoft should just do themselves a solid and contract it out because TC clearly isn’t capable. This game would have probably made them a ton of money but sheer incompetence played a major role in driving players away in a rapid rate. I for one have never bought iron except for once because I had high hopes for this game and TC spat in our faces making this a game for casuals. All these delays needs to go for starters and secondly the net code is awful, its like an RNG rolls in the background to see if shots hit.


There is legitimately nothing wrong with Gears 4 or Gears 5 in terms of campaign. There may have been bugs in the initial launch, but I’ve never experienced them. At the end of the day we can aim for perfection, and these games are great interactive stories. I do find people go online to complain; it’s a lot easier to engage a conversation or to feel like you exist online when you’re directly bullying people into changing their art for you, or having an argument trying to prove you wrong or convert you to some other viewpoint.

I think most people go online for social stimulation, but without the in-person emotional exchange & stimulants of a shared real-world experience over coffee, treats, concerts, etc. together — the Internet is a dry wasteland of text filling up the screen. Your only true ability to engage with it is to find some way to feel relevant, and that is by goading other people’s egos into engaging with your own.

It’s difficult to know when a complaint is sincere, even if the person insists with vehement propensity that you should never dare to consider they would ever be so bored as to manipulate someone for amusement. The reality is that I believe most people enjoy the campaigns; they’re high quality with an army of artists & developers paid top dollar to attend to the details.

It is far more interesting to play Gears than watch most movies; the games last for days and they’re interactive. They’re spectacular and beautiful without being too difficult for the sake of being frustrating to flex some programmer’s AI skills. That being said, the transitional “cinematics” could use a little more work but I’m not upset and I don’t care.


Gears 5 is a good game, not great. Tc does some things right, but where they repeatedly fail is in quality control. There hasn’t been a major update yet where there haven’t been major issues that would have been found if the game was sufficiently tested, and I am 100% convinced that while the game was shipped with split screen functionality tc has not even once had two of their testers play it that way.

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Well said.

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That’s a bit like the newer Alien films though…

They all sucked. I’d rather not see something made, just for the sake of the name. When its pathetically bad. Just because it might sell an few copies cause of the brand/name.

If Gears 5 was good, it would have more players. It doesn’t.

You can believe that pigs may fly, but they don’t and never will. The campaigns are terrible. You seriously need to play more different games, if you think Gears single player is good. Its average at best.

To you maybe.

Someone should get credit when they do a good job, not a half baked one.

TC is a company cashing in on another’s work. Even their logo is based on that work.

Epic wasn’t perfect but they still make Unreal Engine so all the improved graphics and functionality is still epic’s work. 90’ % of the fan requested character design and cosmetics are still based on Epic’s doing too.

TC even managed to mess up GearsUE when all the assets from Gears1 & 3 were handed to them. The game looked great in Epic’s newest version of their engine but connection issues in versus were a good indicator of the problems to come with 4 & 5.

TC can “tune” shotguns all day but it can’t fix the root issues with their misunderstanding of the netcode.

With that said, It has taken TC almost a year post-launch to get Gears5 to a playable state and even then that’s only due to all new people running the circus. I’ll give those people a pat on the back for bringing this previously-steaming-pile of a game back to something that almost feels like a Gears game again.

Lackluster campaign and versus aside, some of the game is not too bad now.
Ok , mainly Escape – Escape and horde can be fun at times.

What TC’s coding may look like:


People just seem to forget that MS pushes devs to do monetization choices. There is literally no way that TC wasn’t pushed to put the game out early so MS could have something for 2020 while 343 worked on Halo Infinite. I don’t know if you noticed, but Gears 5 is beautiful and that’s all that MS cared about aside from making money off the game. If they were given full reign and the time to make it, TC could make a Gears game that blows everything Epic did out of the water

Trash take. Gears 1-J are complete dumpster fires that are only worth the stories they told, and giving a foundation of what we have now. If you genuinely believe that Gears 5 doesn’t have the best campaign in the series or is tied for first, you’re out of your mind.

Try playing G1-J and tell me that those games are good and fully functioning.

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