TC, do you even want us playing this game anymore? Seriously

Serious question to TC, are you trying to destroy the gaming experience with Gears 5 to eliminate the player base so you can devote resources elsewhere?

Chat being 100% broken is inexcusable for a team-based game.

And now you don’t actually get the daily rewards? I’m assuming this is a game glitch but it pretty much destroys any incentive to play this game at all.

I feel like these 2 issues are easy glitch fixes but apparently no one is there to fix them???



The dailies thing I have no idea, but they explained the chat in a Message of the Day a while back. In-game chat still works, but they changed the default setting to be “off” because of too many people were being toxic and harassing other players. Apparently a lot of people didn’t know you can turn it off, so you now have to turn chat on manually if you want that functionality

Edit- unless it actually is totally broken, then yeah I have no idea about either

I remember that communication too. But it’s now just totally broken no one sees anything I type.

Are they trying to ‘Major League’ us???


The game is only as fun as you want it to be

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Chat works for me since I’ve turned it back on. Maybe they can’t see anything because they don’t have chat turned on?

I don’t like that they changed it to being encumbent that the player turns it on. Many will just assume it’s broken. It’s not like this game needed another barrier to communication.

As for the dailies I have no idea. Mine work fine.

Its definitely a bug.

Mine is turned on but I can’t see chat nor can anyone see mine on my steam version of the game but chat works fine on my windows 10 store version of the game.

Both definitely have chat turned on. Tried off and on again, no dice.

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Weird. Hopefully that gets addressed soon. That would make public Horde even more of a nightmare without chat.

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Since Friday, I don’t get any experience or cards whatever the game I choose…


The chat thing is minor compared to no rewards from dailies. I don’t understand how this stuff is even getting broken?


Ya. Quality control is not TC’s forte imo unfortunately.


Headset. One with an off and on switch. Next best option.
But, it should not be an issue in the first place. As for The Coalition breaking the game, have they not already done that. Fixing it is the problem. What they do fix, something else breaks because of the fix.

This a MILLON times.

The chat is so broken that even friends can’t communicate with each other.

I want to confirm amongst my Xbox amigos they have the same issues. Cross play or otherwise.

Yes same here. Hope it’s fixed soon.

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I have no problem with chat on Xbox. Maybe it’s a computer thing?

My chat works fine but my friends is totally broken.

seems random. works on my Win10 version (text and in-game voice chat)

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It’s nothing to do with Windows 10. It’s a Coalition thing, leaving it broken so toxic chat is stopped.