Tc did you change the gnasher after the rank reset update?

Feel like since last week I can’t hit a shot and my gnasher misses point blank shots. I went from getting 40-50 kills in koth to 10-15. Idk


They did change it and there are lots of shots which should kill but don’t. Example:


Yea, feel nearly impossible to hip-fire now.


It’s extremely inconsistent of late


You can even see in the hitmarker that pellets that missed are in between others that did. So it’s like you managed to hit under an arm or something but still land the rest of the shot. Whether that’s a bug, who knows.

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Yup. Pellet spread doesn’t make sense to me

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Feel like they bought the skill back into gnasher

If by that you mean full pellet hits doing 11% damage than sure.

In many instances you’ll get a full pellet spread on your end and see it clearly hit them only to get 11%. That’s not skill - that’s broken.


Will say it again, I have always been one to analyze clips/gameplay and basically tell people to understand the game and get better but that is no longer the case. The game is seriously broken this time.

The adhesion is freaking terrible too.


It’s true… same problem,i play on pc whit mouse+keyboard after november update gnasher, lancer,longshot ,etc aren’t the same… feel like they change the aim position , a lot of shoots don’t hit the target
It seems they have reduce the critical hitbox a lot of shot whit longshot and gnasher or boltok don’t hit the target if you aren’t 150% acurate :sob:
p.s. (sorry for my english) :slight_smile:

This is a known issue and will hopefully be fixed in the next title update :slight_smile: