TC destroys everything we love

Grammar nazi. All hail.


this is my primary concern. it seems that nearly everything they come up with gets implemented into the game. if it’s ever in beta, it’s a safe bet to enter the game completely.

right now, with 4v4 koth, i feel like they are going to ignore all the feedback under the excuse that 4v4 helps matchmaking time and balance - 8 players vs 10 players. is that for real? i mean, that is just ridiculous to me.

we can play tdm 4v4 max party of 2, 2v2, ffa, and 4v4 koth? man, how low have we fallen?

and i just do not understand some of the gameplay changes but that would take a novel to go through and I’m just fed up at this point.

I think that maybe those in charge are more concerned with their personal goals rather than those of the community. i know that’s a loaded sentence but I wouldn’t say it if i hadn’t seen it before.

i’m just not seeing the average joe in the community agree with TC at the rate TC presumes. There’s a huge difference between what goes on here and other platforms.

Weird flex but ok.


Both made me audibly laugh. Lol


And now op1,2,3 ranked skins are available for op5.

Non Ranked players won’t care.

So I’ll put it in these terms.

It’s like giving out the tour of duty character skins from op1,2,3 for unlocking op5 plus lambient raam.

Except no additional content for the people who already hit master other than a banner & marker that comes with op5…

Gears 2020…

and on that note… :wink: