TC currently have no intention of letting us earn iron

And I quote (from TC Octus via the Reddit link above);

"As it stands today, Iron is not intended to be earnable - just a limited amount given through Tour. The intention is for Store content (cosmetics only) to be paid content, and Tour / Supply content to not be purchasable. We talk a little about that here:

Meanwhile, future Tours, Supply Drops and gameplay post-launch content - Modes, Maps, Characters, Skills, New Tiles and so on - are all entirely free. Tour is where we’ll bring in the most cosmetic earnable content, as well as Special Events and so on.

I’m saying that only for context only just to explain the why. We are passing all feedback to the team around Store and Iron, including this post."

Well, let them keep digging their own grave then. I have never seen a AAA title drop off this fast . It’s kind of hard to get people to come back when you act the way they have. Liking tweets calling fans toxic, the slow fix of issue’s, greed over quality the list goes on and on. TC has practically killed this franchise and continues to drive it further In the ground. UE was amazing, 4 was meh, and 5 is just trash.


As long they won’t mess with the tour content I’m totally fine.

This also mean;
Do not start being lazy and make skins uglier or low the quality of characters just to push me to buy iron.
Give incomplete sets to get them fully via store
(Like they did with the Jack O Lantern event)

The store barely offer anything good, and the prices are ridiculous .


It’s just a matter of time, especially since we can’t earn a decent amount of iron just by playing. Sucks, but it will happen eventually. If developers feel they need to up the ante and try to subtly push they will. I’ve seen it before. Sometimes there will be skins not worth the effor and more ‘premium’ skins. So tastless.


You got the perfect example
With “Frankestein Imago” vs Skeleton Kait.


I saw how meh the imago looked. I’m still going to earn it, because it’s free, but it isn’t great. I’m not going to buy Kait, nope, especially since she’s currency driven. Let me earn iron, damnit. It’s not that hard to do.


He should engage with people here. The other day he asked again on Twitter about people who hadn’t got their campaign achievements yet.

Would it really have taken much to post here an important question regarding a bug?

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You can use iron to speed up tour of duty so technically it is purchasable

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I think you should be able to buy iron, say 500 scrap for 100 iron, still take an age to collect, but iron is for skill cards, don’t spend mine on anything else


Well technically you are earning Iron through the ToD, so this thread seems a bit misleading.

Maybe he meant outside of the ToD, wich is fine. That is how most Battle Passes work. It would be nice if they can add more Iron sections in the ToD or increase the amounts.

Either way I’m fine with store exclusive content as long as the prices are fair and they add more quality to ToD.


What part of “premium customization content” is unclear?

Since we don’t have to buy maps and game modes in the future then this is a fair business model for them to sustain the game.

Prices for skins maybe a bit expensive but it’s all relative.

That’s fine, I have no intention of buying any.

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They have no idea what they’re doing do they?

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With Boost, it was never going to be earnable.

TC want people to pay a monthly sub to rank up faster in their arbitrary XP system.

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Its ok if TC doesnt want to give iron so we can have more stuff, at the end of the day , if the game doesnt deliver what point there is to have a cool skin on the lancer or gnasher… people no longer are going to play it.

Instead they will play COD , or MK 11.

I earned a bit of iron through ToD, looks fine to me. It’s cosmetics anyway.

Got a lot of skins etc. by just playing the game, feel no need to buy more.

The important part is that we get maps, characters and proper content without having to purchase anything. People are just never happy.

If you read the quote, you would have seen this is what he said. There’s nothing misleading about it

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They could be happy if TC delivered a good Gears of War with true Gears mechanics, we would be happy.

Infinity Ward delivered a COD game with true COD mechanics thats why their players are happy.

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