TC could you fix Blade Dancer and Bullet Chain once you're back from Vacation?

So for those who aren’t aware yet, Lahnis and Macs new “golden” card are classified as purple cards in card-drops and when upgraded.

Which was nice at first, getting to skip the grind on them but getting the other new actual purple cards is such a pain when you have these 2 cards blocking another potential purple-drop.

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Really? I literally haven’t gotten a single one to drop after a game. Still 0 out of 20 for both after spending coins as soon as I hit 19. Level 20+ for both characters now and no drops

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I mean, I don’t play Mac anymore and just bought all his new cards after hitting Lv20, but I’m at 17 dupes for Blade Dancer and the Claw and Surge are still at Lv5.

Should TC fix blade dancer and bullet chain so that they are coloured purple, or cost and drop like golds?

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Cost and drop like yellows i would say.
Better for purple drop rates.
I dont use these both cards, in my opinion the purple stim barrier card for Mac and purple stim tap card for Lahni are more usefull.

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Are we all sure these are actually purple cards? Or just that they are gold cards with a 75% coin cost reduction? When I have Bladedancer equipped it shows up as gold coloured in its slot. I have heard people saying it changes to purple but not for me, and I have it at level 5 aready.

If you get the card as a reward it’s purple and costs the price of a purple card< think about it for a bit.

I have thought about it. My first thought was that maybe these new gold cards are only 1000 each because TC only just added them and they wanted it to be easier for us to level them up. I haven’t seen Bladedancer as purple. Maybe this is because I oaid coins to level it up the moment it was unlocked for me and I havent had one drop since.

Exactly, it drops as purple.

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Well that sucks. Probably why I haven’t seen it!

I still haven’t received a Blade Dancer as a reward but I got a few Bullet Chains and maxed that out at L6. Will be upgrading with coins before mistake is rectified.

This. They’re Lv19 cards and Keegan/JD unfortunately didn’t recieve the same mistake.