TC could easily enable free Character/Role choice for Horde and here's the proof

Maybe that was it. But I’m sure I upgraded them. I will do some further testing if the situation arises again.

Listen to the community and make this happen, please tc! Any character I want with any role I want. Everyone agrees that it’s better to have their choice of who and what to play. Take the loss, and adjust it for the fans! I really think itll actually make things Alot easier for yall to release characters. You’d be able to release characters freely without having to worry about going through the steps of creating abilities for every single character. You could just release new classes at a slower rate than characters. Why isn’t that what yall wanted in the first place? Seems alot simpler.

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If they balanced how effective turret spam is pick any role be fine

Even with 1 Del you can have a area basically playing the game 4 you with shock turrets everywhere. As long as the team donate everything to del. He can basically carry a whole team.

I know

Because I’ve done it and seen it multiple times

Thats the only problem they need to fix. God knows how. But soon as you built a solid base thats it. Regardless of difficulty the games over. Only bosses actually make a dent if they are item crushing bosses that is.

Did a 1-50 on Master doing that.
Solid team work sure. But totally replicatable with the same strategy. Thats hordes problem vs the old days. Soon as a sure fire way of winning is discovered, it’s the only strategy their is

As a Basically horde exclusive player, This is what i want to see fixed more than anything or It will become stale as F in a few weeks. It’s already getting like that for my squad

Gears 4 system was better but the engineer spam strat was even stronger
Balance the classes then lets talk muti class or character free use

It’s not a issue it’s a creative design choice. A stupid restricting one yes. But still just that. If the game had gears 4s roster the single pick be more than fine.

The fact the character screen is just about as limiting as gears 2 people only have a few people to pick. Soon as you got your Doms your sams coles anyas, your upwards of 30 cog characters.
The single pick will feels completely none restricting as there will be crazy choice.

I mean they only have to port and bring up the models to gears 5s graphical standards

I could do that in 3D S Max

The only problem would be trying to get the VA’s to return to voice some new lines

I saw the what’s up too. You can’t know for sure what they’ll do just because they were “defending” it.

I’ve seen their posturing over things before that they ended up changing later anyway. It wasn’t as major as this, (it was over a new achievement) but there’s still a bit of hope IMO.

That’s a great point!

To be honest, it’s not as fulfilling if I am unable to play with my favorite character and favorite horde class simultaneously.
I enjoyed the freedom to select, both, characters and class.
When Augustus Cole is released I wonder what role will be forced upon him😔

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My issue is not that I can’t pick whoever I want, my issue is that I can’t complete some of my medals if someone already picked the character I want to work on. Some medals don’t count if you try doing them solo. I’m like half way to get dessert jd, once I unlock him I don’t think I’ll play horde anymore. I hate it as it is right now.

hi iv had a few games of horde on gears 5 now and im very dissapointed coalition what have you done to horde?
gears 4 horde was the best horde iv ever played i could choose my favorate character and equip any class on to that character i could chose any fortifacations i want to build regardless of class .
but in gears 5 horde i have to be a engineer to have access to more fortifications in fabricator ? not good especialy
since i like go it alone sometimes but now you made this impossible on higher difficulties aswell
so far iv seen only two things good about this version of horde and that is playing alone with AI bots and the edition of the jack robot otherwise the rest of it is garbage.
sorry coalition you can do alot better than this i buy buy gears games for horde gamemode and until i see big changes to gears 5 horde i will will be playing the gears 4 version only

A company that doesn’t listen to feedback when the entire player base is complaining is a bad one. All the f2p games have better communication and decision making skills than this company. It’s insane to the lengths they’ll take their stubborn ideas. There’s no excuse for what we’re getting in horde mode. We should be able to play as who we want PERIOD. There’s nothing in the way.


my fav character has always been clayton carmine in gears 3 and 4 i could choose him and any class i want in gears 4 i dread to think that i can only use clayton carmine ( when he is unlocked and if hes a chooseable character ) as a scout class only that kind of crap will not do

Just like GOW4!

Come on TC - you did it once before… you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.


But what about Jack’s roll? You couldnt have Kait or Fahz doing that or the other way around. It wouldnt make any sense.

I seem to be in the minority or possibly a silent majority here but I love the hero rolls/character lock. It gives me a reason to play as different characters and try different rolls.

You definitely arent alone in wanting it changed but I just have a different take on it I guess.

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That doesnt make any sense. There will probably be future characters for purchase down the road yes but the character lock doesnt have anything to do with that. Even if the rolls were unlocked it wouldnt change that.

Plus TC had already said there will be lots of things that will be free and earnable. So the whole “TC is greedy” kick has passed. Let’s all find a new dead horse to kick :wink:

*role :+1:

Regarding your comment… I don’t think anyone would mind having Jack’s role locked to him only. He’s most definitely an exception to the rule.


+10 points for you. GG


I don’t think the TC being greedy thing has passed at all.

I don’t want to derail the thread, so just one example…

Flags were free in gears 4. Now they want $7 for them. Think about that. $7 for a flag… That is the definition of greed. You could buy a real flag in a shop for less than that.

But having the characters earnable is a nice change of pace, depending on how grindy it is of course


Even if they add new characters they will have abilities not everyone will want to use and the next game they will do this stuff again. Idk they should make a classic maybe just a Gears 4 version like some have mentioned in other topics already because it is TC’s first Gears game Horde mode. I doubt they’d make one like 3 again. But this way it takes away alot of problems like Jack and such? Then they get their way and playerbase get’s their way lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It might not have made sense to you but it sure made a lot of sense to others posting here. Others who see how heavily monetized this game is.

A bike and grenades with stim on road kills

I don’t think it’s a case of people not wanting to play as or try different roles. It’s a case of the aesthetics - being able to select a character skin of your choosing.

I think people will get past this once the game has been out a while and new characters have been added. I think it helps to know by recognizing the character and attributes tied to each character what you have on the battlefield in a public game in the way of perks, ultimates, etc. I play a mix of private and public horde. It’s not really an issue in private horde, but public horde will most likely benefit tremendously. Probably TCs main point.