TC could easily enable free Character/Role choice for Horde and here's the proof

Last night i joined a Horde session in progress, something happened and i ended up joining with Kait’s role but Fahz’ character model. Everything worked perfectly though, skill card effects, perk upgrades and even her ultimate ability, no issues.

Got the gameplay here:

This pretty much confirms that roles and characters aren’t as hard locked as it seems and if a random bug could allow it to happen, i’m sure the more than capable hands at TC could make it an official feature.

I don’t understand why are they so adamant about pushing this gimmicky and extremely restrictive “Hero” system but hopefully they’ll change their minds.


If they listened to the MP players and brought back Execution, then they should listen to the Horde players and make this happen.


This honestly, is a great idea. Kick the Hero thing, let the Horde players have fun! Let them be whoever they want to be!


It’s locked so that they can sell you character skins for those roles in the future. They’re catching so much flack over this that there’s a chance they’ll change it.


I hope so. I want to be able to play as my homie Griffin if he comes out and not have to worry about playing as some bum character I don’t want to play as in Horde.


I hope so! They have alot of work to do these next couple of months! Let’s make sure to be calm and collective about all our reasonable feedback. Little things like this make the game fun. Once the Carmines are released, those are my go to favorites!


I am hoping, I just won’t play the online until that happens I have no want to play at all now unfortunetly. Maybe they will when there are more characters then I will play it again.




They won’t though :confused:

They made that clear in the what’s up post yesterday, where they again stated that characters will take longer to add due to them requiring specific horde skills.

I can’t see TC making any major changes to horde, they seem pretty darn adamant about doing things their way this time.

I’d be surprised if they even fixed the ammo issue.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a bad vibe about this entire situation. TC are also well known for their stubbornness


Should be easy enough, and if done properly they can even keep this system.

1 - Load up horde
2 - Pick your skin/charaacter
3 - Pick your role/hero class
4 - Game starts


Exactly my thinking. I’ve just read the “What’s Up” article from this week and they keeo justifing their choice with made up arguments like “heroes are now special and tied to abilities” and so on. WE NEVER WANTED THAT. In fact, its such a bad choice for Horde. I like using the engineer a lot, but I’m stuck with Del… So I’m not able to use Kat, but with Del’s loadout and abilities. ■■■■■■■ stupid. I’m FORCED to play one character to get the class/abilities I want. Its so dumb, feels like a step backward and makes no sense to me. Huge disapointement and the main reason why I wont play Horde.

Also, only ONE new COG hero in October… What a joke. Because of their dumb system, they’re gonna release new characters at such a slow pace… One of the reasons why I’ll drop Gears 5 when Destiny 2 new light comes out in October 1st.


Same happend to me, I was JD model but had kait ult, perks and loadout.

Another time we ended up with 3 kaits and 2 marcus, it’s just a artificial limit on the lobby, doesn’t actually really make an issue in-game.

Also it’s funny they went for this cause in 4 they went the exact opposite approach where they were like “go all soldiers” achievement and stuff.


basically ala gow4

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They’re already bringing it back

That’s what he meant


Lol everything. Your character was fine the abilities were fine even the dialogue still fit. Makes me question TC’s creative decision.
I don’t think locking characters behind classes will last much longer if the community keeps up about it. No matter how much they say it “can’t be done” or how much “they think we’ll like it”.

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I’ve also had times where there would be multiple of the same character in a horde lobby/game. It’s funny how this is the kind of bug I don’t want to go away but I know inevitably it’s going to get patched

Just do the dup char glitch. Sorted.

Duplicate Character Bug is bad. I joined as Del where another Del was present. He got credit for all my turret and fortification kills. Its not advisable

I mean if he upgrades your fortifications then it’ll turn into his, This was always present in gears 4