TC Clown has had enough!

I’m with @HerrKatzchen. Im sick and tired of people making their own threads about how much they hate the new tuning, when an entire thread is entirely dedicated to it. I mean, even though the new movement sucks (any confirmation on getting it reverted?) and the gameplay is boring, and weapon swaps take 5 years, it doesn’t mean that you should go off and act like your someone special and make a whole new thread complaining about it.
People sometimes…


… but you just made your own thread when there is one like that already?

Fyi, I’m just messing.


Thanks bro. If anyone missed the joke, you’re right there to help them :+1:


I mean… an opinion of a bronze player…

Should ppl really care?


That’s a very good question, so…hold on…


Im still waiting…

Id tell you, but it involves a lot of complex math.

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Math makes the head hurt

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I like it. But I’d make one small adjustment…

There we are.


Maybe people just lazy and dont be able to read over 860 aswers , or they cant use this forum :smile:

Yeah but these people don’t read because the truth is they probably don’t care about other people’s views. They just care about their own and have this conception that their view is more important. So whether they read other views in the main core thread is moot.

It’s just how the internet has changed us and given us a false sense of importance.


Honestly one of the better things ive read on the internet.


Fixed it for you.


STHU Clown


That’s a low bar though - “on the internet”! Just wait for my proper magnum opus which will NOT be available online, but in proper bookshops. :sunglasses:

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I’ll.put it next to my copy of Das Kapital vol.3.

And thats bad .
-Truth is that even TC wont give ■■■■ about one person opinion.
-This Gears community should be more unite/solid if we really want that TC hear us on anything anymore .

Somebody propose that we have to arrange Poll about this New tuning and thats good propose , but who is gonna make that threat and is it open for whole time or is Admin locking it right away .

" I actually made one in Ultimate edition times and it aint so easy , but we done it well and koth were staying on playlist ( sorry i dont do it again , dont ask me why : i cant tell U that or i probably get banned) "

Looks like I’ll be taking new best friend applications



Oi, don’t use Control to ■■■■ -post. That’s a good game.

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100% true.