TC changing tour medals and stats are off

So recently TC changed the verbiage of the Escape medal: Escape Veteran. Previously the description on this medal read: “Escape Challenge Hives 50 times”. Now it reads “Escape any Hive 50 times”. I don’t have a problem with that change except for the fact that they are not applying previous statistics to the medal change.

I don’t play Escape often, mostly just to complete daily tour objectives. When I do play it, I’ve mostly just been going through on the map “The Gauntlet” since it’s easy to get through that one quickly. The medal for Escape Survivor shows that I’ve gone through 33 acts of Escape. Since The Gauntlet is a single act map, I could conservatively say that my Escape Veteran medal should be up to around 20ish, but that is not the case. See below: