@TC - Changing Characters between NEW matches🌟

@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera :star2:Can there be a option implemented where a player can choose a different character BEFORE each NEW match begins when playing consecutive matches??
I believe is was available on previous Gears games
Thank you


It was available in Gears 3
And yes I’d love this feature aswell
I don’t like seeing dupe COGs or Locust leaders on the same team.


That would be cool and also being able to have different weapon set options for cog/swarm like gears 4 too.


I wonder why its not there in the first place but it would be a welcome sight.

Now I will just wait for something else lol.

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LoL. sorry I wondered the same thing when GEARS V came out,
Hopefully @TC_Kilo1062 will take notice

its such a simple issue too, back in gears 3 it was pretty simple. Its also annoying because if you join a friend, you cant change your character, only the host can. so you have to make sure youre gonna play as who you want to before joining.


I’d love for them to fix offline customization whole they’re at it.

A problem involving character switch shouldn’t exist considering Arcade mode has an in-game character select. They could just add that, but instead of switching on death, it queues the switch for next game. They then can add both lists of characters. You can even switch skins already by using the bumpers.



I fail to understand how TC could have taken a step back on this. It was almost perfect in Gears 4, and they botch it in Gears 5. The only thing this game does better for customization is equipping 1 skin for all weapons that have that skin.

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Would definitely be nice to be able to change it up without having to back out… should also be able to access TOD during intermission too so we don’t have to back out to re-roll either.

For real, I wanted that feature in 4… and they sneakily added it in 5 cause I’m pretty sure it wasn’t always there… but was a welcomed stealthy change if it was lol

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I think it was. To my knowledge, anyways.

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Considering Arcade is a thing, I don’t think there’s an issue with not being able to load in new characters.

I’d love it for when I pick good ol’ Anya only to find that three other people on my team picked her too.

Ah so youre not a fan of people playing as duplicate characters either huh?
For COG, Im ok with having duplicate COG gears,
For Locust im ok with having duplicate drones basically, just not important named ones.

In PvP it really doesn’t matter. I just like feeling unique.

In Horde, I actually really prefer everyone has a different character so you can quickly and easily assign each of their roles in your head. Like, “Anya’s our engineer, Dom is the Tactician, Tai is the sniper,” etc. Having multiple of the same character makes ultimate call-outs and pickup priority harder to keep track of,


I feel this too much. I can’t stand if someone else is Dizzy or Jermad when I rock them online. If I see the same in the pre lobby I just swap to something else. It’s also easier for callouts. If I see a Marcus getting flanked it’s better to call the character by name but its a pain in the neck if there’s two Marcus.

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I always play solo, other than the events obv I’m forced to do those publicly, but I can see what you’re saying makes sense, I know I’ve had times where I had 3 identical Marcus skins on my team with 3 different classes, so I didn’t even bother to guess lol

Good thing Kait is my main and My only maxed out Infiltrator is what I tend to use when I’m doing the events (that was def the case with Boss Rush) so people don’t even have to guess with me since I unintentionally match to the original class… unintentional cause it just so happens I like to use Kait and that Gnasher was the 1st Venom gun I wanted to worry about.

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I can’t stand it either. That’s not to say I want duplicates removed, either.

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Oh God no. I think everyone should have the freedom to choose whoever at any time.


And the “Mark All as Seen”.

Yea, but don’t forget about gears 3’s “joining in progress” issue that always put us in as gears 3 Marcus. I forget what the locust version of that was, but it was annoying constantly being that default skin.