TC can you make the Syndrome red & Midnight Omen blue weapon skins team specific colors

Good idea what does everyone think. I mean make Syndrome red when you play as Swarm and Midnight Omen blue when you play as COG.

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They have done that probably a month ago, do you pay attention.

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I think he’s referring to having their colors change based on the team you’re currently on. It would be just like the Heartbeat and E-Sports (Emissive Black Steel) skins.

Ah if so, i don’t think TC would just update it like that, they already look good as they are

I agree but I do understand why he would ask for it. I just find it funny the OP always asks for new skins and his gamer tag even references it.


No, terrible idea.

Yeah I remember when he changed it from his original to that. Not sure what satisfaction people get out of weapon/character skins. Especially when the game is winding down now.

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Maybe some people have a fantasy of bringing home a pretty lady after a lovely date, and think that the best way to take it to the next level is to fire up Gears 4 and show off their bulging collection of character and weapon skins?

I mean, it’s the one thing I’ve not tried yet after a date and my love life is in tatters, so maybe they’re onto something here!


Yea but the skins entirely are removed from each respective side.

The removed syndrome from swarm and removed midnight omen from cog. So it only makes sense at this point. I also think they’d look really nice as the opposite colors.