TC - Can you do something about AFK players in PvE

I know you have done something in Versus Ranked with quitters and people being idle.

Is it possible it could be done in Horde and Escape?

We get so many lobbies with hosts being AFK people will join and wait ages and end up leaving because the match isnt being started.

It wastes peoples time.

It is the same in Escape lobbies.

An idea i thought of is once the lobby is full there is a timer like the one in matchmaking for a 30 seconds and if the host obviously isnt ready give them an option of extending the time by another 30 seconds and then alert players in the lobby “Host has extended time” people will know they are not AFK and stay.

If a player does leave the lobby the timer goes away because there is now 4 people. Just preventing wasting players time with a lobby with a afk host.

Simply - If your busy or need to do something during a lobby you have hosted. Leave it and host again when your ready. Rather than leaving people waiting a lifetime.

Then there is the quitters during horde and escape matches and players who idle during horde more i suspect. Leave all other players doing all the work and that one person in cover in a corner doing nothing for waves on end.

In Ranked i think they have to do so many quick play matches or something. Maybe something on that side but have to do so many matches in horde or escape matchmaking before they are allowed to go back into custom. Or a time penalty like it used to be for ranked before you can go back in horde or escape. It will simply be locked from being entered on the main menu.

No first time offenders people who are consistently quitting within a short period of time. ( to take into account connection issues for some) hadnt had that in a long time but for some might be different.

If something can be done for PVP. Can we atleast get something for PvE aswell.

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Erm, isn’t the answer to this just leave and find another lobby? Better yet, host your own?

Plus, it isn’t always the Host’s fault, Ghost lobbies appear a lot when the host is playing a different game.

EDIT: As to punishing players, that’s a difficult moral question. Horde and Escape are far more casual modes compared to Ranked VS.


I’ve sometimes seen the same person have two lobbies appear on the page at the same time.


If there are to be quit penalties in horde then there also needs to be a penalty for acting moronic in horde.

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Being forced to play public Horde matchmaking? couldn’t think of a harsher punishment.