TC can we have a numbers breakdown of the game?

How many people are actually playing this game?

What is the population between PvP and PvE?

Game has gone up on the most played list from being ranked the 48th most played, about a week ago, to 29th.

Is this influx of players mostly campaign? Horde? Versus?

I know being quiet about this has become the norm or even policy… But there used to be a time when pride was taken in people playing this game.

Also, why aren’t polls or voting simply designed into the game menu?

How would that not be the most logical and effective way to judge what the community likes?

What good is a beta Playlist, when no feedback can be given or measured?


I’m pretty sure the influx of players are returning players and gamepass players.

Yes, I’m sure as well but if we never know what modes they are playing then we don’t know whether the changes to PvE or PvP brought them back. Or just campaign updates.

Anyway, it probably won’t be released but it is revealing when information is hidden also.

Good luck getting those answers. I have been waiting for the numbers since Gears 4 comparing Gears 3 to 4 for the 18 month mark.


Probably the new content and update.

It’s all good, but those people who played PvP were probably quickly disappointed when they realised the netcode was still terrible.


I also would like to see a population count. Either overall player count or per mode is fine with me. I’d like to have an idea of how many people are playing and which modes are popular.

I really like the idea of being able to vote through the game menu too. More players would see it and give their input.


Be nice to see how many are currently online (maybe just multiplayer & split the PVP/PVE counts) once you fire up the game

Similar to games like RuneScape and whatnot simple player count added somewhere


It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter

While I personally like to see the game to great, I will continue to play because I enjoy it.

I also like what TC has been doing. The addition of the scorcher and new DLC this month is literally what I have wanted gears to do for a long time.

Many other games do this. It’s about time TC is doing the same.

Gears 5 still has so much potential. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing gears 6 until 2023 (COVID plus with the horrible launch of 5, a year delay is a welcomed thing) . So this is good.

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we’ve asked many times. they don’t answer because it’s policy to not give you that information.