TC: Brawler tackle attack is broken

i need some help,

My brawler class is broken, the character doesnt want to tackle anymore, i dont know whats going on…
Someone else have the same issue??

You have to hold A and press B at the same time.

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You have to get some speed before you can charge. Also, be aware of teleportation enemies.

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On a brighter note, I noticed that the likelihood of Cole/Brawler players accidentally vaulting over low cover when they intend to tackle has reduced to next to zero. You can reliably perform tackles near low cover now; and if you want to run and vault over cover you have to pretty much release A (or whatever is the run button for you) and press B seperately. Previously because the commands were contextual, vaulting over cover always took priority when close to low cover if your movement analogue was pressed upwards (previously I had to retrain my brain and make a conscious decision to not press up on the movement analogue stick).



I am so bloody happy.


Didn’t have any problems with him tonight in a game with @NoLmtSoldier and @SPARGELKOHL . I noted I didn’t accidently vault as others are saying. I may have just been lucky, but also didn’t get that annoying teleporting enemies thing either. Maybe that was just due to that map not having a lot of drones though. Not certain if that problem is actually fixed or not. Would need a few more test runs and feedback from other Brawler players. So far I’d say it’s an improvement.


I have seen almost no teleportation.

Brawler has been so much more pleasant to play.

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you could always tackle without vaulting if all you did was hold back(down) on the analog stick and in doing so i never once mantled cover when i didn’t want to

With M/K I constantly vaulted over cover when I didnt want to. The game would always choose vaulting over hitting an enemy if I was in range to vault.

This is what we were trying to fix with the change.


Thank you!

as long as i held “s” i wouldn’t vault on pc either, the reason for vaulting is most people hold forward while roadie running but you don’t actually need to do so as the run defaults to forward, so just holding down “s” or down on the analog is enough as even with either held down you will still move forward.

i’ve played with M & K but i mostly play with controller

Yeah, I know. I mentioned in my post too.

The thing is, by fixing this relatively minor problem, they’ve created another problem where now Cole struggles to go from roadie-run into a sliding vault over low cover. It’s not as seamless and you need to basically release the run button and then separately press the button to vault.

Good choice. Works perfectly.


Now when i try to vault while roadie running it tries to tackle the cover. but it does seem to tackle more consistently. when expected