TC better WOW! us with new content for operation 3

It has been now 6 months since the release of Gears 5, honestly I has let me down. I think we can all agree that there’s a lack of content, but I’m not going to talk about what we all already know; instead I will give my opinion on what to expect from operation 3 .

1 - We need new games modes so that players come back to playing gears once again. FFA was a great addition to the game in Op. 2, but it isn’t that much different from the FFAs from other shooting games. They can give us a variation of FFA gears style for example give players a pool of lives like in TDM (a certain number of respawns per player will make the game more interesting). Also I am not saying turn the game into a Battle royal but you can definitely make use of the gas in PvP kind of like escape but in PvP it can be that you can’t go to certain areas after a period of time. (maybe a little bit like the map flood in gears of war 2).

2- We need more maps in gears 5, at least 4-6 new maps for traditional multiplayer. Honestly I’d like to see classic fan favorite maps return. For example:

  • Jacinto
  • River
  • Blood drive
    _ Trashball
    Among other maps that we haven’t seen in a while from gears 1, 2 and 3.
    We all need way more maps for 2v2 Gnashers I have played hundreds of games in mid and boxes and honestly it gets boring to see the samethign over and over. More maps for FFA as well, some outdoor maps would be nice at least 3 more.

3 - More characters available for multiplayer and more skins are required. The number of characters is limited compared to previous gears games. Also in the store most of the time they only give you ONE! only one skin per week and other skins from previous weeks become unavailable. Why not give us full access to the store so that we can buy what we want whenever we want.

  1. General additions and changes: I’m not sure if people actually play Player vs AI or if that was just something for new players to get used to the game, but honestly I think is extra and doesn’t need to be there anymore. Add variety to the maps like more weapons, for example add the hammer of dawn to multiplayer as well as other weapons from previous games. Make Arcade a game with no bots, I really like Arcade but hate playing with bots.

  2. Medals are ridiculous. I know they don’t necessarily make you get them, but if you do want to get them you have to play game modes you don’t really enjoy and for a simple reward.

  3. Rewards in most cases are a joke. Please NO MORE BANNERS! I think players would appreciate more skins for characters and weapons, expressions and Iron. Give us stuff so that we feel like the work we put in is worth for something.

  4. Make the Deebee a playable character for the Swarm as well like it was in Gears of war 4. That would give and interesting touch to the game having the deebee playable in both sides (hero and villain)

8.Why not have more guest characters like we did in the beginning (Terminator: Dark fate, Halo reach and Batista). I honestly enjoyed it very much maybe if you brought players from other franchises it would get more players to come and try the game and honestly it would be nice to have variety in gears 5).

9, Game modes: We have to accept the gears population has significantly reduced since launch. Why not consider game modes with reduced teams, like Brothers to the end in gears 3. Bring back Wingman. That was one of my favorite game modes in Gears 2 and 3. Maybe consider game modes 3v3. (just some ideas)

This is just my opinion on some things that I would like to see for Operation 3. Feel free to comment on weather you agree with this post or what you´d like to see in OP. 3. Maybe TC will read this post and consider one or 2 things from the above, If Op. 3 is a disappointment it will be a though decision for me but I would no longer play until a new gears comes out.

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Sounds great.


Nah. Doom Eternal is next week. More content coming out for Borderlands 3 at the end of March. Still playing The Division 2 with the expansion. Might pick up MLB The Show. Still playing RDR2. I’m well prepared for if this Ops 3 fails. Which I feel it will disappoint many here.


I’m not keeping my expectations for Operation 3 too high after what they brought in Operation 2. I hold out some hope that their balance pass will at least make Horde somewhat more enjoyable before/if they ever bring a “classic” Gears 2/3/4-esque Horde into 5 instead of it being this monotonous bullet sponge shooting fest it is 90% of the time where it is very difficult to find players who are not using the “casual” and far too easy “meta” to go through matches even when it is not required at all(aka JD littering the map with explosives and leaving hardly anything for everyone else to do if they don’t have at least 5-10 seconds to shoot at an enemy before the inevitable obnoxious grenade spam kills it).

Unfortunately I currently don’t have many alternatives to go for right now if it fails to keep my interest with anything, besides doing the occasional Escape hive. Subnautica Below Zero seems to be still left with a long way to go until its full release, and I’m not playing the early access to avoid spoilers.

I only agree with 2 and 3.
More Maps, More Characters.


I 100% agree I have been a OG gow fan since gow 1, gears 3 was so good I think the people (creators) are overthinknig to make the game better but they don’t take a real fan opinion. I would like to see like a Pol to vote for so that the community can decide want we want. Hope that op3 will be good if not I’ll have to wait a few months for a next update or just move to another interesting game.

Subnautica is a crazy ■■■ game dude. The first time I’ve been scared of a videogame or movie since I was a little kid. It’s paced right, and solving the mystery is enough incentive to push me out into the deep dark.

It’s also the only game I’m willing to put up with that runs like crap on xbox. I’m doing my best not to spoil Below Zero

More expressions??

That’s the worst idea since Gears 5.

Okay and what about everything else?

maps :world_map:

Expecting anything other than Banners, Marks and a few bland skins is definitely going to lead to disappointment.

The Totems will be for 3-4 base skins.

The store will still be one generic skin but with plenty of mediocre weapon skins broken up or single skins like a Snub for 400 Iron.


And banners and marks - can’t forget about those.


Totally off topic.

I agree with your post however , Gears of War community has performed the process of " Buying other games in case of OP 3 Disaster " , which as you already know it includes our friend " THE DOOM SLAYER" , Ori and the Will of the Wisps" , MK 11 and so on …

so my suggestion for you its to have other games ready in case of imminent OP3 disaster :slight_smile:

I rather enjoy the rest of it but expressions are terrible they need to be removed from the game but if they’re not going to do that I prefer they spend their time on other things rather than expressions River is fine. But no more remakes and rehashed maps please. I’m so tired of same old same old. Enough is enough.

Would you rather have a remade map or take a lot longer for a new one? I’m not sure I would want to wait.

To wait man … I mean enough its enough with the old maps.

we have been waiting more than 5 months for the game to be right , what could it hurt us to wait more for new " never seen before " maps ahahahaha :smile:

It’s different for me because I barely played Gears 4 for 3 months before my work schedule took me away for 3 years. And by the time I was back, Gears 5 was releasing. So I did not get to play on all those remade maps on Gears 4. I don’t have the same map-fatigue as others.

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I see man … ok in that situation since its for you I would rather have remade maps so you can play… sounds fair :slight_smile:

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Wingman would be nice. We haven’t had Wingman since Gears of War 3, but Gears of War 2’s Wingman was the best, in my opinion.

I expect disappointment though, just like Operation 2. I haven’t played the game since December though, so I have many other games to play that’s worth my time if it’s lackluster.