TC at what point is this game a failure from a design/decision standpoint?

feel free to delete…but ask yourselves as people, as devs, as mods, as people who enjoy this franchise…

are you just making excuses due to job or general love of the game as a player.

  1. arcade mode = failure
  2. co op vs ai = failure…what other title even has something like this where people seriously want to competitively play bots…you are making excuses and doing dailies is just a nonsense reason.
  3. beast mode = abandoned
  4. overrun = abandoned
  5. execution = abandoned
  6. warzone = abandoned
  7. escape = abandoned
  8. koth = abandoned
  9. escalation = abandoned
  10. 5v5 = abandoned
  11. variety of starting weapons = abandoned
  12. new maps ahahahahahaha = abandoned( i dont’ care if they dropped two recently…its abandoned)
  13. new omen(whether glad it’s gone or not) = abandoned
  14. locust = abandoned for swarm…and now going back to locust kinda due to blacklash ahahaha = abandoned
  15. verticality in maps = abandoned
  16. variety of grenade types = abandoned
  17. 1st person rifle modes(HB) = abandoned

this is gears 1 without all the content and a worst story with worst characters and drip feed content that has existed for years…

yet…people are seriously hoping for a gears 6 and already committed to buying it…even tho it would be on gamepass…<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<if this is YOU…wow

feel free to add anything i missed. or just tell me oh another one etc but at some point you guys gotta see that this game is horrible.


CS1.6 comes to mind. All the old Gears titles had bots iirc. Pretty much every game that has the option for private lobbies.

What do these have to do with Gears 5?

Let’s ignore Exe2.0 which improved a stale formula, shall we?

Fair enough, but I blame the casuals and braindead idiots who grinded nothing but Surge/Clock for the failure, not TC.

Thank god, 4v4 was a huge improvement imo.


Shock, Flash, Smoke, Frags, Incendiary? How many more is enough? lol

Beast & Overrun wasn’t TC…

Yes, everyone should start with HB or Enforcers
remember in 4 when all 10 players started with hammer? yeah, let’s not do that again

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How about Cryo And Venom Grenades?

i mean the state of the HB right now it probably wouldn’t matter if you spawned with one or not

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7 total types of grenades? that’s too much and unnecessary

true, but I think the Lancer will still be the favorite as it’s the best support weapon of all the rifles


we get new maps… shocker right??

Maybe TC didnt want to ride off the coattails of Epic and create their own enemies? no? only me.

im gonna need some clarification here because i have 0 idea what you are talking about lol.


I think someone learned a new word in school today. Anyone want to guess what it is?


for the grenades I mainly ment for PvE would make grenades cards / classes more reliable (should have stated that) PvP for grenades i honestly couldn’t care less I don’t play it that much its way to dull imo

Drip feed?

oh wait I know it!

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I know the cryo grenades are hidden in the DLC campaign but the addition of venom in gears5 could have brought back what is basically ink for ink grenades to exist again.

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pve, that would be fun
we’re opposite lol, I don’t play pve at all . You push for your people I’ll push for mine

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Well at least you got it, IN THE END! :stuck_out_tongue:

:pensive: it took me awhile to get it.

Ink grenades/ venom have the same function as shocks


id argue shocks are worse.

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I still they they should have brought back Stim grenades but reworked them that it just gives you full stim an not constantly heal you which would be nice in pvp and pve as a more supportive role

I always grab them, are you “shocked” by me saying that? pun intended :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ink clouds also obscured sight lines like a weaker smoke.


No I meant as in shocks are better than inks. but no not surprised, I value shocks alot.

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