TC are you telling me there isn't 9 other players

Are you telling me there isn’t 9 other players in my region playing escalation? I’m on the East coast, Florida to be exact and i can’t get into a match without their being 5 plus foreign connections.

Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind playing with players from other countries at all. It’s just their ping needs to be reasonable, especially in this game where a consistent high ping seems to give you an advantage.

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Lmao u have no idea how many times I’ve said this to myself :joy::joy:…I’m us east coast up in CT btw so feel free to add me…gt same as forum

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7million ppl in Manhattan alone and they can’t find 9 other ppl playing on the entire East coast smh

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This is my life. EST Canada (Ontario to be exact)

Enter match. Other team. Canadian Flag emblems, north americans, engish. All less than 50 ping.

My team. 3 Mexicans and someone and rocking a China Flag. Everyone of my teammates rolling 150+ ping. China guy bounces above 600 ping at least once a round for a good 15 second.

There has yet to have been an online system as good as GOW1. You started a lobby, and made it public. EVEN if we added this functionality back to GOW5 and called it ‘Advanced Lobbies’ or something and kept the current (easier to use, yet less effective) matchmaking system.

It literally took me over 2 months to get each of my 5 placement matches in this season. I would go days if not weeks sometimes unable to find anyone playing the mode I would need (Guardian was the hardest to fill).

haha, add me, let’s play, I’m just outside of Toronto :slight_smile:

I usually play with a full team of other Canadians/Americans from the north east and we almost always end up on the southern-most server (I can tell from my ping) playing against 150+ pingers with Mexican flags :slight_smile: Hey, you might be the one non-mexican on the teams we battle against :slight_smile:

Ok, i don’t know about that, we never have any problems finding games, and we play all the Core modes… Even when playing by myself…

I’m right in between Windsor and London. Spend lots of time your way for work. Go Leafs Go!

GT: Nitewalkar

After the 6.66xp event is when I started trying to clean up achievements and stuff and made sure I got each game mode ranked.

Finished it before New Years but after Christmas.

I do live in a rural area, and at times I will end up with a double NAT. Maybe that has played into it.

For sure add me though. I play most weekends, and evenings 8pm-11est. Sometimes during the day. I am in desperate need of a crew of people who know what they’re doing.

I’ll contact you on xlive tonight. I play with people from Windsor to Ottawa all the time… (but I don’t play any comp modes, haha, only Core)

Thats fine with me. I normally social quickplay. Sounds good.