TC are you sure that you are listening?

Wow T-800 skin is the a broken p2w skin and they added more of it. Perfect.

I don’t wanna keep re-posting this but man they just call for it every time.



Sometimes I wonder if they ACTUALLY do check the forums and read what we wrote on here. .

They really don’r mate. Look at the grind for the token characters. Like What in the actual ■■■■!! You want us to grind ■■■■ tonne more in every mode to unlock just versus characters like how does this work. Oh and don’t forget the ■■■■■■ tour of duty grind!!

They don’t, they specifically said in the past that twitter, facebook, reddit, is where they go to for feedback. The forums aren’t even really on their radar.

I’m unsure why I or anyone elses bothers posting here TBH.
Is it due to familiarity or do we all like shouting at brick walls?

Don’t play the game, is that simple. I uninstalled the game even though it cost me $2 to play it and I don’t intend on going back to it unless some radical changes are made. I know it’s hard being a Gears fan and all but you gotta send them a message. This is not acceptable and the only way they’ll listen is to hit them where it hurts: their wallet.

kind of pointless in this case that such forums exists directly hosted on wouldnt you agree ? … I mean its like telling people to use something and still they dont wanna listen the consumer experience of actually using the product.

I think they do read these forums , I mean as said before they hosted in the main page, its just that they don’t like the comments of actually people that are knowledgeable of the game.

I have no doubt that people who plays the game have more deep thought on it that actually the people who develops it.

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Yeah the forums do FEEL pointless.

I’ve felt for a while that tc see this as a holding ground for the what they see as the harsher or unfair criticism long times fans give the games.
They certainly seem to prefer the shallow and I would say 1000% more toxic fb and twitter.

Feel free to contradict me or prove me wrong devs or mods, but I don’t see you replying anytime soon.

I think in my humble opinion that checking the feelings of the people here , most of them agree that the lack of choice that was taken out of them on horde mode , and the huge MTX established in the core of the game as well as lack of content that was delivered really hurt the overall vision that the consumers had.

Most of them have very valid arguments of why they feel angry towards the game in the state that is right now. I personally resent that they sell something that I believe will deliver the goods and it didnt, at least service games like Fortnite are free and people buy whatever then want.

The last point that is kind of sad see a game behaving like fortnite or apex legends, its like if you buy a JETTA and doesnt run like one, instead Volkswagen gives you a Jetta with a motor a NISSAN TSURU. you would be completely disappointed, In this case this very same situation happened on Gears5, and now to fix this I don’t see a way TC can, than to completely rework the game or be dismissed like anthem or other attempts to make a game.

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Just gonna point out that the price for the terminator pack might not be solely on tc. It’s a promotion for the film. The blames likely to fall on Microsoft

Explain to me how any of those things would make more money than just creating store items and adding more things that can be bought. TC is a business and money comes before anything else in this world.

I’m actually encouraged that “losing rank points” was listed as an option. This is as close as we’ve gotten to TC recognizing the broken state of the ranking system.

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Not an argument.

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Ranking system was broken in 4 too. So? Not fixed even today…