TC are you sure that you are listening?

Combatting quitters is one of our top priorities at the studio,
Matching is not? Unstable server’s are not? Prices to high are not? Broken game is not? Broken camping is not? Horde mode is garbage, and that is not problem? You lost majority of population because of game is trash, and this is your only priority? You must be kidding us… ???


Hi Milan,

Maybe they are not listening to their customers anymore, same thing happened to SEARS , they had success for lots of years and then they just cared for their finances instead of focusing on the clients and giving them a great experience at buying.

Now they are broke, same thing will happen here. Ill just wait for a serious developing company takes over and fix this game or provide a new one that we all like.


While I agree there are a lot of problems with the game. There is a difference between top priority and only priority.

TC just needs to be more vocal about the issues we are bringing up.

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It’s almost like there are some at the studio that wants silence and keeps everyone muted.

Store prices are just cosmetic items so they should be low priority.

Combating quitters is very crucial, because that ruins everyone’s experiences. In the meantime they’re also addressing the issues, today the bullet magnetism should be addressed.

Broken game and broken camping calls is subjective, as is your idea on horde mode.

The quitting is a factual issue, not a opinion of preference. Which means it’s easier to grasp and implement. Subjective things are hard to implement for what you may call broken someone else may find fine. Horde is a lot of fun, imo.

People that quit are doing that because of lag problems, high ping… Every game have quoters, if you have quiting penalties, people will just be In corner, reason why will you play if you can’t kill anyone, and they are killing you from half map with one shot, and you need 4-5+ just to down people. Neto code is garbage, and it is from 4 like that. And they just ignoring that aspect of game… Fix the game, and there will be less quiting.

Killing from across half the map in 1 shot, well. That’s what a sniper is for indeed.

Lancers require more than 1 shot.

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I’d say it’s more like they’re not interested in a dialogue with openly hostile people


Constructive doesn’t work either, so either way you put it. This Gears is almost dead after 2 months (being generous).

It’s not beyond saving though. If they would listen it could be made great. Some people overreact and over do it. I don’t disagree, but their point all remains the same and a lot of us just want the same thing. That’s all.

In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition, related to anger, annoyance and disappointment, frustration arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of an individual’s will or goal and is likely to increase when a will or goal is denied or blocked

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Not an argument

Of course they are listening!

They listen to what we want in the game so that they can sell the things we request in the store.

Didnt you BUY the curb stomp?!?! Sure it was in every gears game up till now, but now you can buy it! Weeeeeeeee!!


I would play, quitters or not if the game was good. It is not just ping and things. They have server side issues, coding issues. They were there in 4. Here they put in things to try and cover it. I was in matches with everyone having great ping. Sometimes very little lancer shots and they drop. But that match a full mag and they would not down. 2 direct close range gnasher shots and 98% while they spin, get a partial on shot, and it gives them 100% on that one.

I do not even care about meaningless cosmetics. I just wish the game worked well. Gamepass saved me here because I love Gears and would have spent $100 I am sure.

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Hi Dereck, Good day .

I don’t think people in here are " openly hostile people" we are " angry customers who were given a piece of crap game ".

VISA and MASTERCARD are not to blame they did their job right, as well as customers in paying for the game, its just that Developer Company didn’t fulfill the end of the bargain. ( they didn’t have it big enough to create a good game so the speak)

Regards .

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Just play an indie game till the game improves. This reasoning goes for most AAA games atm. Kickstarters and indies are keeping things oldschool and they’re successful.

The AAA games need a few patches before they’re worthy of AAA.

Las Indie game I played was Ori and the will of the wisps I ove platform games and it was surely one the best experiences I’ve had.

I do agree with you usually companys that keep things old school are very sucessfull .

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When I get bored of gears I’ll take a dive in the early access of subnautica. Now that right there is a game

Technically what’s currently in early access is the Below Zero expansion for Subnautica… which I haven’t played or followed too many news of to avoid being spoiled until it goes into full release, after I played through the original(and if you haven’t you should). Neither is required to play the other though, as Below Zero seems to be made out to be its own game.

I’m going to try it, I have been told that it a good game , however I haven’t tried it myself.

Ill play it and tell you my experience. = )

Yeh, I completed the original one. Played bits here and there on below zero. I don’t want to play it too much because the replayability isn’t that great. So I don’t want to ruin the experience before the full release