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TC are 'fixing' the gnasher after finding a bug (fix is live)

I didn’t jump on the “aim assist/bullet magnetism hate train” just because people are hating on it. If I didn’t have issues with the excessive bullet magnetism and aim assist in PvE you wouldn’t see me mention it.

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This is the fix I’ve been monitoring. It’s insane that this happened and wasn’t seen until almost 2 months in now…but if they fix this the gnasher play should feel a lot better. No more instant death while wall bouncing away from their shots.

We will see. If the next 1 or 2 updates don’t acknowledge some of the complaints on here it’s getting deleted.

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Live footage of Gears 5 development cycle


I can’t believe these guys got paid to put this game out. I mean how many things can they possibly screw up?! Every day there’s something else and it’s not always something minor either.

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I guarentee this is the case.

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Sorry I wasn’t trying to imply you were. I was trying to say theres a lot of people on here who could explain why they think TC has catered significantly more to newer players in both PVE and PVP.

I personally don’t know why they would try and make the PVE modes much more forgiving.

Just been re-reading the reddit thread and apprently the ‘fix’ for this is live.
I didn’t seem to notice a difference last night, still made some dodgy kills, and died to a few very obviously missed shots.

Anyone able to test this? ( I probably can’t get back on this weekend.)

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Forgiving is relative. Higher difficulties still aren’t easy but I still question why the aim assist and bullet magnetism are more present in PvE overall(Beginner difficulty aim assist snaps on targets like an aimbot if you’re close enough to a target when you start aiming, even if you have the target lock option off - which is basically an aimbot).

Sure it’s like ford putting the mustang out with half an engine amd 3 wheels

More like Ford putting 2020 Mustang badging on a 1993 Ford Fiesta hoping no one will notice the difference.

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I would take a 93 Ford Fiesta RS over a Mustang.