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TC are 'fixing' the gnasher after finding a bug (fix is live)

Update : according to octus on the reddit replies this fix is live and was friday.
If anyone has time to test let us know what ya find.

So… courtesy of twitter via reddit (sigh) we have a tasty bit of info from the devs :

Apparently the gnasher has been tuned to ‘campaign values’ whatever that means and this is the cuase of all the auto-aim complaints . It IS being ‘fixed’ with a live update soon ( no eta mentioned)

Personally I see the comp gnasher rearing its ugly head with a massive range/gib range tweek incoming and aboslutly nothing done to the auto-aim suite at all, but by this point i dont expect anything sensible from tc.
I am sadly in no way shocked that a mistake this bad has slipped through playtesting, if only tc could realise that the whole game has this level of stupid going on all over the place.

Anyone else got any guesses as to how this is gonna end up?
Is anyone actually suprised that tc messed up like this again.


Due to the bad movement, i see comp improving the game, no more one hits from way out and a big drop of in damage for rifles as the range increases.

Or they could keep it the same and increase the distance you can have to slide into cover and the speed at which you slide while also making movement faster with less delays.

Either one of those two scenarios makes the game far better.

No joke. If they fix the gnasher so using wall-bounce and strafe and YOUR SKILLS to get close and GIB I will be happy.

It’s only the gnasher with the ‘bug’ so no changes to the lancer.

Hahaha… and people took TCs word on the whole “damage is lower than GoW4 core” line and ran with it.

Probably going to be the same but now maybe three shots to down someone rather than two shots to kill.


The shotgun is far weaker than Gears 4 core’s. The lancer is slightly weaker as well. And I’d like to see official word on what the changes were exactly before discussing this any further. From what I’ve read, maybe the aim assist was the same as PVE, but not the damage.

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There was a post from Dana (I dont have a link, might be the same as this one) saying the bullet magnetism campaign values were accidentally implemented into versus for the gnasher.
Meaning all hard-aims and hipfires hitboxes were much larger than they were supposed to be.

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This isn’t specifically pertaining to the topic itself, but does this then mean all hitboxes for bullet magnetism and/or aim assist are way larger than the enemies themselves? Why is this needed? Doesn’t seem right or necessary if you ask me(and it looks really weird to see bullets coming out of your weapon’s barrel at an impossible angle).

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Ya I’m waiting to see an explicit response from the devs on Monday. From my tests, the bullet magnetism seems to be identical to Gears 4. I could be wrong though.

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Accidentally? You had a bloody beta for this…


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The actual hitboxes for all characters are outside the visible character models, it’s been like that since Gears 2. It’s to balance the size difference between small character models like the females and larger ones like say RAAM (Gears 3 had separate hitboxes and literally gave you an advantage to play skinnier characters). I’m not sure if the unintended values affected all weapons or just the gnasher.

@mike_yaworski Literally any clarifications from the Devs on the state of the game would be appreciated

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Wow thats an epic mistake, like what happened the dude copy past all campaign weapon stats to versus. Tc u guys are the laziest

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The PvE Gnasher apparently translates to “all campaign weapon stats.”

I thought the hitboxes used were those of characters in the middle of the size spectrum like Marcus. But the way the information I found was presented seemed to indicate PvE modes or at least Campaign have/has a much more forgiving hitbox for aim assist and/or bullet magnetism than PvP for which I don’t see the sense in. Wouldn’t you want to encourage players to improve their aim regardless of the mode they play? I certainly am not a big fan of less than subtle aim assist or generally bullet magnetism that makes shots hit when the reticle barely has its edges on the enemy. My aim isn’t pro player level but it’s good enough to not need crutches either.


There are enough people on these forums who will jump on the “noobification” of Gears rant wagon on these forums who can talk about it. I haven’t played the previous games campaigns or horde for so long I have no idea if this was the case in earlier games. Either way the wrong values were put in Versus and supposedly have been fixed or are going to be fixed.

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Lol I imagine that this will simply be a Gnasher nerf and that is all. They will have listened to the over powered Gnasher complaints and reduce the range, the damage, the bullet magnetism, and aim assist. However, I bet they don’t touch the Lancer.

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Disagree on the lancer. Hit count seems almost identical between G4 core and G5. Often see a 10 hit down in G5. 11 seemed to be the average in G4. The lancer in 5 is far more accurate too as far as the spread. G5 lancer Is like a baby brother to the retro lancer. A little bit of recoil but the concentration of the shot is super accurate.

I tested it and it’s one more bullet to down in Gears 5. I also think the Gears 4 Core lancer is more accurate and has more range, potentially a higher fire rate too.

Gears 4 Core Lancer > Gears 5 Lancer

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That wasn’t a Beta test; It was a server test. That was the final build. TC thought the game was good enough.

Either way the tests failed and yet the game still launched.

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