TC and 343 should be allowed to make whatever game they want

After 6 and infinite both studios should be allowed complete freedom with any ip they want or create something new. It has to get boring and it should help with creative thinking. Same with COD, I can’t help but feel bad about those 3 studios aswell


Agreed honestly. I feel like gears should’ve been put to rest a long time ago, at least any mainline titles should’ve.


The studio has taken on a contract and been granted the resources to work on these specific IPs.
They are free to work on any project they want. It’s a free choice. But they were given the opportunity to work on Microsoft IPs.

If you want to put your money on the line and come up with a new IP it’s up to you to start a studio and search for like-minded people to make that idea into reality. Microsoft has given these 2 studios two of the world’s biggest IPs to work on. But they can’t control what people the studios hire. And what the studio chooses to do with it.

In the coalition’s case, I believe they have to deliver one more Gears title and then they are free to do whatever. But the developers are free to leave and go how they please They are not bound to the studios contract with Microsoft. usually a 3 months notification is required.


Well given the recent endeavours from both studios, I can’t said I’d be against them leaving the Franchises.

However, they may redeem themselves with Gears of War 6 and Halo: Infinite. They can’t be any WORSE anyway.


Gears OF FORTNITE 6… :roll_eyes:
Maybe GIRLS of War 6… :roll_eyes:
Maybe GIRLS OF FORTNITE 6… :roll_eyes:


This is TC you’re talking about, they’ll find a way


Look on the bright side. Once Gears 6 is released Gears 5 will suddenly be perfect, won’t have had any bugs ever and spot on perfect tuning and store practices throughout its whole lifetime.

And that time Gears 6 will be the most hated Gears while everybody will praise Gears 5!

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