TC address concerns

Thought you guys would want to see this


Didn’t really say much here.


Yep, they address the concerns of the community by saying nothing,


Yeah, the way Rod has ‘addressed’ the concerns looked like your typical ‘Count on us, we’ll deliver, you bet it! …Eventually,’ kinda reply. Nothing on how the team is trying to fix stuff & is actively listening to healthy critique towards fixing its numerous bugs, or smth.

Speaking of the content, I just don’t get how these promises of ‘more content in the future’ can be adequately justified these days in a game/franchise THIS big as Gears when it’s objectively lacking the launching content. Why not take your time, create and gather more & put it into the game right at the start instead, yes you would need to push the launch date, but then the game would have so much more to offer when it’s shipped. But nope, they chose to pursue a quick buck.

I believe that, ideally, the game could not just offer more chars at launch but it could include some chars & models from prev. titles instead, because why not? What’s the purpose of shrinking the roster in a game series of such a long life span? Trying not to go too off-topic here, but it’s like in MK11 - isn’t it that the roster should only GROW from game to game, containing both old chars from the prev. titles AND introducing new ones as well? Oh, I totally forgot - it’s planned to add SOON IN THE FUTURE, oh now I see it, cool cool.
Also, this:

More content, more maps and more modes coming. We just shipped so now we’re focused on expanding our offering…

Honestly, I’m all for supporting the devs’ passion and love they put in the game so they produce more and more NEW content post-launch, I’m not against it in any way. I know it’s impossible (and downright detrimental, economically speaking) to try to pack so much stuff at once, because NEW features and ideas inevitably arise, thus DLCs are born, and I’m fine with it. But when the game in its current state is nothing more than a grind-fest with relatively poor content pool except for so much ‘odd’ (to say the least) stuff like banners and blood sprays the majority of players wouldn’t probably care of - it’s as good as releasing an empty game, but asking for a buck for it nonetheless, that’s why these kinda promises of ‘more content - but later, folks!’ look silly to me as a player (or insulting to me as a customer, pick your own feel towards it).
And let’s not touch the XBGP matter here, after all - the game isn’t designed with a F2P/P2W business model in mind, so I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t matter whether a person plays it on a monthly fee basis, or said person owns it as a Store purchase.

Yes, I’m overly skeptical as I’m seeing how the Multiplayer of Gears (which is of one of my most beloved franchises) is slowly fading away unable to fight its shady marketing stuff & critical tech issues, but devs can only focus on formal promises, bring up on a display how there’s ‘waaay more free content’ in G5 compared to G4 & talk about new Operations, ToD and how they are ‘just getting started’.

What a start, indeed. So coming, much soon.


Just by reading the beginning part was all to me. Same type of response we got with gears 4: “we’re learning as we go” when the UIR fiasco went overboard. I stopped reading there. No, I dont believe that for a second. MS and TC want to squeeze its customers while the game is still fresh. Plain and simple. I play this game cuz I enjoy the grindness that is attached to horde/escape and really like pve experiences. But will not ever buy a microtransaction from them ever again after gears 4 lootboxes. I have learned my lesson thank you.


It seems they don’t miss the chance to throw in the word FREE whenever they can.

Hideous prices and by now it looks we have more content behind a pay wall than this so called free stuff.


Rods been compromised, all that micro transaction money has sabotaged his morales.
Rumour has it he has diamond encrusted grills, and employs models to feed him grapes while sitting in his office.

The parties TC have been throwing cannot be described on the forums through fear of ban or banishment.


Too much reaction and not enough pro-active measures. No one could see the marketing model being compared to EA and how they handled business? No one could see how small of a starting offer for MP content and tour of duty grinding (hours) were? Learning from others examples like Dice and Battlefronts economy and grind sessions, could have been a clear indicator of how your fanbase would react. Thats just an example, they do vary and are different, but it feels much to the same endpoint. I am eager to see “real” answers to the issues at hand and think that this article provided, zero.

“waaaay more free content” via supply drops which are 99% composed of banners, blood sprays and marks, which get old as hell quickly.

Hurray, 5 iron! Free content!

Hopefully the next Operation will be worth the grind.


What i like more is that Rod tries to avert the situation abit by mentioning lootboxes, because the All Mighty Rod put in a normal cash shop instead wich is way beyond overprices…

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Thanks for posting this. I am not really up I’m arms over the time table I just want to know things are recognized and being addressed. The shop is important but the least of my worries a stable comsistent MP experience is what I want more than anything. Reason why I am even voicing opinions in contrast of what is said is sometimes TC in a round about way says issues are a non issue and that frustrates me. I just want to play the game.

It’s sad to see what this franchise has become. If I have played 10 hours altogether ever since the game came out on early release, is saying too much. If you try to grind something you get rewarded with unimportant stuff, while the stuff that really matters costs a lot. What I let down. And yet they fill their mouths saying it has been the best release. In what way? with a messed up horde mode, over priced transactions and bugs everywhere? come one.
These people never really listen.


“The majority of content is free in Supply Drops (free for playing) and in the Tour of Duty (medals and objectives). This is waaaay more free content than Gears 4. And with quarterly Operations giving even more free content including maps and modes. Just getting started.”

■■■■■ what the ■■■■ its not ,all the cool skins are in the outrageous cash shop let us earn iron in a more efficient way ,the tour yields like 600 iron and to get it would take ~2 months for the average player. Gears 4 let us earn credits for a bunch of cool skins/ characters i dont want to be forced to play hord or escape its just not my jam yet im punished for it when i get a tour challenge that requires i play those game modes.

Everyone loves micro transactions in a full priced game woooooo (sarcasm)


The Gears 5 community may be over the game’s honeymoon period, at least when it comes to the multiplayer side with regards to the amount of content available, the grinding required and the prices of certain cash shop items.

The issue isn’t just those things. MP and Ranked are worse than they’ve been before. Honestly, fix the functions of the game first.

We’re learning as we go.

I guess all the feedback from three years of Gears 4 wasn’t enough. Yeah, packs are gone, but to say you’re learning as you go when people had the same amount of outrage over Aaron Griffin and the Lambent Locusts as characters being extremely overpriced is just a lie.

Fergusson also confirmed that popular characters like the Carmine siblings and Augustus Cole are coming soon to multiplayer modes

Something like this shouldn’t be “coming soon”. They should have been in on launch day. There’s no excuse for it.

Microsoft said it has attracted over three million players during its opening weekend,

That’s because people had nothing but $1 or $2 to lose in order to experience this game. Let’s talk about population another month from now when the Games Pass subscriptions expire. Or, let’s talk about overall PvP population right now.

Campaign isn’t what’s going to keep people coming back a year from now. Horde and Escape maybe, but the core of this game is PvP. It’s not even a secret.


Before launch : “we think players will not mind the currency options included”.

After launch : "character skins are $10-$15 a piece and the ONLY way to acquire iron is by either putting hours into Tour of Duty (which is great) for an amount so insignificant that you can’t even purchase a mark, or by dropping real cash. The concern from 4 to 5 was the problem with using real currency because scrap was so limited to come by without hours upon hours of excessive grinding. You’ve addressed absolutely nothing from 4 here.

I do love how the medals came back, I love the concept behind Tour of Duty, I love Escape and Horde 4.0. I wish private bot matches in multiplayer would earn me medals, makes no sense as to why they don’t and still makes Gears 3 the superior game, but I assume you’ll right that wrong in the next update.

Rod, you’ve been involved since the beginning… There’s no more “learning as we go”, the issues with 4 should have been solved by now. The continued trend of using real world currency in-game has got to stop, or it needs to be significantly altered. $5 should net me far more than 500 iron. A character skin should not be $15, and giving away free maps is not a reason to need to charge this much.

Finally, the reliance on Gamepass has got to end. That service alone is anti-consumer and it’s going to help, nay encourage, developers to continue peddling anti-consumer models like iron.


Yeah! Me too! Too much bollshit!
« We are learning as we go! »
Euh!? You guys have been selling skins for years!! Why, dramastically raise the price and limited to 1 skin per weapon!


How about punishing all the quitters? Ranked is a joke right now


Yeah! Exactly!
The really question is are they going to be able to keep their 3 millions in a month!?
« Sure, congrats! But mind if we look at the sell!? »
Last time I checked, Judgment did more then well against Gears 5


They really didn’t address any concerns at all. They didn’t really acknowledge anything. Sure they said things were coming, but what else? There was nothing said about the many, many, many bugs in the game. Nothing was said about the constructive crit regarding multiplayer, horde, or ping problems. Just, “We’re learning as we go.”
TC has had ample time to learn. They had UE and they had 4. Learning time is over. You either know what you’re doing, or you don’t. Which clearly it shows they really don’t.


Where are all these millions of people playing then?

Cause I checked multiplayer custom game and there was barely anyone there.