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TC actively discouraging Gears 4 players?

So over this past week, ranking in Gears 4 has gone down the toilet. It is impossible to move up, and any loss brings your % down massively. Also, some are claiming that the movement itself has been slowed, and is feeling more like 5. And on top of all of this, you have the removal of map voting.
Now forgive me for being cynical, but this looks mighty suspicious.


Well if the shoe fits man. Of course TC wants you to play Gears 5 over 4 because numbers don’t lie. They need the player base back or else they are finished with Gears altogether. Start playing a different game now instead of Gears 5 dude.


It’s probably what you think is going on.
Get over to Gears 5 and buy skins already.


I seriously wouldn’t put it past them to pull off such tactics, try and ruin something good to force people into their newest creation. Horribly low indeed, which makes it believable knowing TC.


Ranked in gow 4 ends starting January 1st

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Well, they changed The Surge because people liked it for reasons they didn’t, so yeah…


They also stopped rotation of horde maps so there is that too, they could have made it automatic… :frowning:


what’s up Dave,

I think they are destroying gears 4 , since they are angry that Gears 5 was a complete hot of radiactive crap for the whole world.

They can’t accept that the were having it right the first time ( Gears 4) and now they have flunk the test with -F in Math, when before they were considered the gods in numbers.

for all that matters let’s play DOOM man or Uno Card Game…




My second favorite game , besides Chess man . !!! = ) jajajajjaa LOL


they would probably shut down the gears 4 servers then claim they accidentally spilled coffee on all the server equipment


I didn’t notice. What did they change about it?

I’ve been trying to get into a public horde match in G4 for a while now and couldn’t find one. The max I’ve waited I think it’s been 25 min, then I just gave up and played versus instead. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re doing this intentionally to get people to switch over to G5. It won’t work with me though cause I rather walk away from Gears altogether than to play that trash.


I only play 4 now and was onyx 3 at 82% and for the longest time my rank was not going up and then over the last three days I have gone down to onyx 1 at 40%. I have lost maybe 5 games and 4 of them was with 4 people as someone quit. So now if you lose and are a man down you will lose 20% plus, and if you win your rank will not go up. I won 3 game in a row MVP in all of them against diamonds and in one game a diamond master and my rank didn’t budge ha ha.

So yeah I would not be surprised and actually it makes sense for TC to do this. Ha ha they can not even get the ranks to work in 4 ha ha ha.


Sounds like confirmation bias. They would have had to patch the game to slow player movement. Don’t think thats something they could do with a server side update.

I don’t try and do the 25 monster mash now it never finds many players but when I do 1 to 50 normal it finds people within 2 or 3 mins. Idk I don’t seem to have a problem finding people on that one.

I think they are doing things intentionally too though since they made everything online only for "AI’ apparently. Maybe this is planned like you and others are saying because I see a lot of lagg now that I didn’t see before in horde, or when starting the game it takes a while to finish connecting to server. They have total control over horde.

Other players are jumping everywhere like lagg it was fine before, I really don’t know they won’t really say anything truthfully but it’s not going to make me play 5 if they are causing this. Thinking that will work for people to play 5 >_> I am still going to play 4 or 3 and if they break it entirely I will play something else >:p

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I thought there was something fishy with the ranking. I lost some matches but did good points wise and went down a rank.

I like the removal of map voting. I don’t get to play checkout 4 times in a row.

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If they mess with the movement mechanics in gears 4 as a ploy to get people to play 5 I’m done. Out the door. Goodbye


I’m not positive about the movement. Like was previously stated, it could be confirmation bias, but the ranks are definitely getting screwed over


Yeah I’m just saying IF they do that. I played last night myself and didn’t notice. So if they did anything it was tiny. Which would be clever. Start small and slow/tweak it gradually over time.

Anyway, the ranking system is the least of my worries personally. But I know there’s still a lot of folks who care about that.

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