TC A Fan Request For Island Glow Skins

Island Glow Black
Island Glow Pink
Island Glow Blue
Island Glow Red

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So far, the Orange and Teal ones are nice, but the Green and Indigo ones aren’t. Not sure what other colors will work out, but if they put them behind garbage modes, like OSOK, I won’t bother unlocking them anymore.


If you look closely the Green and Teal ones are the exact same design but all they did was changed the color. These skins should been store skins not for events because they are all terrible and nothing worth trying to get and since TC will just release these in the store down the line in essential drops there is no incentive to try to earn them.

How exactly are they supposed to make a black weapon skin glow black?

You really shouldn’t have too many Island Glows. That sweet stuff gives you a mad hangover. :nauseated_face:

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I would love an Island Glow Pink if it was the same design as the Teal Island Glow.

Teal looks decent(blue also happens to be my favorite color), but I’d appreciate some stuff to get in PvE too rather than basically all the event reward weapon skins being in Versus only.


I agree.

Just make the tribal decals white instead of black like they normally are.

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Island glow not having to play pvp to get them?
Or maybe island glow for once a pve event with rewards?

If only the current event were OSOK. It’s a sniper event, but without OSOK rules. AKA utter trash. Way too many people playing explicitly for downs.

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Isnt that the point of those skins though?

Kinda how the phantom/emerald/black series are?

Its baffling to me how people find joy in shooting someone when they are down.

The precision weapons in gears (except the Torque Bow) are headshot oriented weapons. As to why they didnt give us 51 rounds in our longshot and body shot damage reduced is beyond me. I was glad to get off playing the mode once I got the skins, its garbage. But it being FFA is nice at least. It lessens the campiness.

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TC sees the metrics in OSOK and knows it’ll never bring in the numbers, so they keep trying to sneak in casualization. By their own admission, true OSOK has the highest skill gap of any Gears versus mode in history and it’s not even close. Gears 5’s OSOK rule set already has way more body damage than the final OSOK tuning in 4. Downs are rare in OSOK in 5, but not effectively impossible like they were in 4.

I also suspect TC reintroduced some aim assist that they had previous removed. I don’t this for a fact, but something was changed when they added penetration as an option, regardless of whether or not it’s enabled.

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It’s way worse that way anyways. People end up needing to rely on body shots rather than headshots. Either way I’m glad I finished up with the medals, hopefully the next time OSOK rolls around it’s actually OSOK :tired_face: