Tbh the snub is better than the lancer

I just don’t know how people fire it so quickly.


Obvious hacker. Reported.


Elite Series 2,

Triggers as Buttons via the Bump Stops,

Sensitivity down to 1 (Instant)


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Basically like those people with mod controllers back in the day lol

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Snub is better than Gnasher firing like this, lol

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Meh, I’ve seen faster lol.

Rapid fire perk love it

Lol that’s nothing. I wasn’t even trying to fire fast in that clip.

Lol just get a m&k

Oh sorry I was just talking generally when you see players fire the snub faster than I ever could. The clip was unwatchable for me for some reason. I should have put a more detailed comment.

They’re both good depending on trigger finger/situation.

Try matching drsimi’s rate of fire… he empties a full lancer clip in less than 1 sec and he still returns every time he gets reported and banned.

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your aim sucks.

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Jojo aka @SnubbbS does a much better job.


Well of course he would, he has a stand.

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Even easier on a mouse!!

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Oh boy. I’ve seen that clown with his crazy lancer hack. Insta- downs people with it. It’s like a Lancer on steroids with a built in aimbot. Dude should be permanent-banned from playing PVP .

Snub pistol 1v1 me nerd

If I recall correctly, there were people mapping the fire to a scroll wheel in Gears 4. Insane fire rate.

I thought they slowed the rate some after 5 released and lowered the damage. Still pretty strong though.

Nothing like 4 thank goodness.

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