Talon and hammeeburst

The Talon and hammerburst need tweaking.
Talons recoil should be less and also needs to be more powerful.
The hammerburst needs to be way more powerful.
If you are going to have the lancer as powerful as it is , the other ARs should be almost equal in strength. Bc honestly if not those guns are pretty much useless.


No reason not to have the hammerburst as a loadout weapon then…add it TC.


Hammerburst seems fine IMO, Sometimes it’s as good or better in someways than the claw.

I never use the talon or Gorgan in any Gears game so idk about that one.

Yeah definitely and maybe also add enforcer as load out as well

I was actually expecting people to argue against it lol. Very frustrated and still extremely salty they took the HB out in 4.

As much as I dislike the enforcer from gears 4 I’d be open to trying it out. If it isn’t working with the game. Change something. Don’t outright remove features. Especially not a rifle that was in since the second game.

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The enforcer is a great gun. it’s not for long range it’s for medium ranger . Like it’s range is way farther then the lethal shotgun range. But by the time they get close to you with the shotgun you would already down them. Also the enforcer hits hard way more powerful then lancer but not far as range tho

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I agree the talons kick is too high but I feel like if you make it easier to use than it becomes insanely powerful. But it’s a pickup sooo yeah let’s do it lol

Well reduce the recoil just a lil … not make it so easy to use. Just a little honestly

I actually think it just be the gorgon 2.0. People abandoned that gun in GoW2 but by the end of that games life it was a very strong yet still balanced weapon. For this though I would agree that the recoil should be reduced. At least when you first start firing, always feels like my first shots force me up to the ceiling!

I’ve learned to control the Talon pretty well. It’s really strong. I don’t think it needs tweaking. If it became easier to use, I would have to fight others over it. I like having unlimited ammo.

HB does seem fine, but it’s no Claw, which downs people nearly instantaneously.


Agree, I always loved the hammy as a main weapon.
But in this game it’s so weak, and even more it’s a pick up one

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The only weakness of the claw is the initial rate of fire which gives very narrow window of escape. If you nail all the shots off the hammy it downs with comparable speed in just 2 shots.

Pretty hard to do but yeah, the claw is no contest better all around otherwise.

I agree with the Talon.

Can’t say much about the HB since I haven’t picked it up enough. But my initial impressions are that it’s fine the way it is. Could be wrong though.

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I don’t even think I’ve seen the hammerburst as a pick up weapon on any map tbh.

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Vasgar has one.


Talon would be way, way overpowered without the amount of recoil it has. If you’re having trouble controlling it, go into arcade and use one of the characters that has it in their loadout. You’ll be dominating with it in no time.

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HB is not fine compared to how the lancer is tuned. The recoil & idle time between bursts makes it significantly weaker than the Lancer

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HB’s burst rate of fire is about the same as the gnashers except the HB is effective at furthest range the gnasher isn’t. The gnasher downs faster than the lancer in CQC and so does the hammy if enough hits connect.

It’s also harder to evade the burst shots in general than the lancers stream of bullets at closer mid ranges.

Maybe you have a case at further midranges especially /w the addition of aim assist but the hammy still has the edge in the above scenario.

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Thanks everybody for the advice !